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Requirements for Visiting France

A valid passport is required of all U.S. citizens and foreign nationals entering France. No visa is needed for American visitors staying less than 90 days, unless you are a student planning to study in France.

If you do not already have a passport and would like Expedited Service, we recommend By paying a bit extra, you can have your passport sent to you in a little as a few business days.

U.S. Customs: Returning U.S. citizens who have been in France more than two days can bring back $400 worth of merchandise duty-free. For those who wish to bring more of France back home with them, a flat rate of 10% duty is levied on the next $1000 worth of purchases (the duty-free limit in gifts is $100).

It's a good idea to retain the receipts from your purchases should they be requested by a Customs Inspector upon your return to the United States.

French Customs: For up-to-date and detailed information on and what you may bring to France, from currency rules, medication and entry requirements for pets, to the importation of a variety goods, food products, vehicles or even firearms, contact the French Embassy. No vaccinations are required for entering France.



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