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The Quantum Future Group offers courses that reflect its vision and philosophy. In addition to in-depth Lectures and Discussions, there will be time for sightseeing, outdoor activities, and reflective interaction between participants. Sightseeing will be combined with additional discussions.

Courses will consider the implications of new ideas and new ways of thinking about human values, society, community, the environment and our common future.

We will explore links between science and history, consciousness and psychology, creativity and the nature of language, and an exploration of alternative world views.

While our courses are shaped by the paradigm of modern science, they are presented in a non-technical way utilizing many examples and metaphors so as to make the material accessible to the non-scientist.

The content will include: creativity and the role of the observer in quantum theory, hyper dimensional space and synchronicity, language, history and perception, chaos theory and self-organization.

We will explore the relationship between the new sciences and our world view, patterns of perception that mirror our reality, and how to better perceive objectively so as to be better able to adapt and optimize activity and relationships.

Case studies will be presented within the framework of hyper dimensional physics, and practical tools that facilitate high degrees of adaptive behavior will be studied and practiced.

Participants will leave with a greater understanding of the dynamics of adaptation in all human systems from business organizations to personal relationships.

Additional material will be presented which will explore the deep connections - as well as the boundaries - between science and the mysterious. We will explore the ways in which human beings encounter and experience the wonder of the cosmos. We will look at the ways in which history and language portray and symbolize the mysterious in our lives.

NOTE: Our courses are intended for well-balanced participants who are in search of deeper insights and fuller interaction with life and the world through combining science with the mysterious. We do not offer any form of psychotherapy.

Accommodations, lunches and a dinner at the Chateau are included in the price of the course. Accommodations will be arranged at local Bed & Breakfast Inn and/or hotel, depending upon number of participants. Transportation to and from the Workshops and on sightseeing excusions is also included in the Package price. We can arrange transportation for attendees to and from Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

You will need to bring money with you for dining out at local restaurants, Market Day, Sightseeing, breakfasts and dinners not provided, and in the event of any emergencies.

We have five scheduled workshops for the season:

May 11-18, June 15-22, July 21-28, August 19 - 26, September 16-23.

Please let us know WELL IN ADVANCE which time period suits you best as places are limited!

This is a partial excerpt from our Workshop Events schedule. All items listed are subject to change.

May 11: Participants arrive. Socializing and               Welcome Dinner at the Chateau.

May 12:

      10:00 - 1:00 Lecture and brief       question period.

      Lunch and free time.

      4:00 - 6:00 Discussion of the Topic of       the Day

May 13: Market Day in the Village during the               morning.

       Lunch in local cafe.

       3:00 - 7:00 Lecture and        Discussion.

May 14 through the May 16:

Special Guests and Entertainment including renowned nature photographer Pierre-Paul Feyte.

Sightseeing Excursion! Complete information on trip options will be provided upon arrival.

10:00-1:00 Lecture and Discussion.

Lunch and free time.

3:00-6:00 Lecture and Discussion of the Topic of the Day.

Weather permitting, we may have an astronomical viewing on one of the above days in the evening.

May 17:

10:00-1:00 Guest participation, Question and Answer session.

6:00-9:00 Discussion of the Topic of the Day. Farewell Dinner at the Chateau. Slide by Pierre-Paul Feyte.

May 18: Summing Up. Participants leave following Lunch at the Chateau.

Lecture Topics

Physics and the Mysterious: an overview of the present state of theoretical physics as applied to the Universe and to Man; its leading edge, its self-imposed limits, and Quantum Future - Arkadiusz Jadczyk

Discerning the Signs: A New Approach to Esoteric Work- Joe Quinn, Henry See, Scott Ogrin

Morality vs. Conscience: What is YOUR Responsibility? - Henry See, Joe Quinn, Scott Ogrin

History and Physics: The Cosmos as a Macro-dynamic Quantum System - Laura Knight-Jadczyk


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