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Just visited for a while. Nice site.
Michael Presley <>
Sanford, Fl USA - Friday, April 19, 1996 at 03:42:08 (MSZ)
Something in your pages has a sense of "TRUTH".
We all seek answers to the mysteries of "WHY?".
Why are we here? What is our purpose?

Patrick Maxfield <>
Folsom, Ca USA - Saturday, April 20, 1996 at 03:25:20 (MSZ)
I would like to known what is a main problem in QF ?
Jerzy Rozanski <>
Warszawa, Poland - Monday, April 22, 1996 at 13:18:01 (MSZ)
I believe that you are much too logical in you thinking.
The logical mind is seperate from the 'feeling' or spiritual mind.
When seeking answers about the secrets of our/this universe,
look within yourself for what you know and feel, not
what your logical/male mind tells you must be the answer.
Sometimes the answers to our questions can't be answered by
our simple human logic. I've learned that I can be aware of
something and not necessarily need to come up with a logical
explanation for it. Some may call it faith, but I know that
what I feel is true for me and I don't need or expect any
outside source to justify or proove it to me.
Robert W Tripp <>
arcata, CA USA - Monday, April 29, 1996 at 05:57:50 (MSZ)
I decided to visit your page since you were so kind to respond to my e-mail. Thank-you! I will consider Poland another possible cyber-port for my numerous e-mail adventures (My dentist would be thrilled. A native of Poland, he is the founder of the Polish Film Festival here in Seattle and is putting together a special program this weekend). My homepage is strictly an amateur effort at vanity press: I have written bits and pieces about myself and those around me. Needless to say, I am a fledgling, so don't expect any amazing effects. :-))
Jody Lemke <>
Seattle, WA USA - Wednesday, June 26, 1996 at 23:20:54 (MSZ)
I'll make this short & sweet...
Would you like to trade links?
If so?< br>
Mine is:

WWW address:
P.S. Your site is awesome!>
Silver & Gold Indies, CA USA - Thursday, June 27, 1996 at 07:57:33 (MSZ)

i'm confused about physics in general..could i please ask you some general questions?
please email me !!!!thanks
Teri <>
va beach, va USA - Sunday, June 30, 1996 at 05:07:46 (MSZ)
I believe that science and spirituality are one and the same thing,
Science is a study of the things that are and all that is, not some
offbeat or psychotic believe system. In a believe system, we can
believe what we like even if it is not in line with the truth. The
truth is independent of any believe system and I believe that science
is a study of this aspect of reality. I hope that I did not loose the
beginning of this page. If you would like, I can share with you some
of the thing I have experienced during my travels in the region of the


Jerry R. Seydel

I believe in the holographic model of quantum physics. This holographic
model is the only way to connect consciousness with matter. This also shows
that the physical world we live in is not as physical as we believe it to be.
Materialism is a superstition that has been established by the inherited tendencies
since ancient times and is now the hypnotic factor of the collective mindset of this

Jerry R. Seydel <>
Grants Pass, OR USA - Thursday, July 04, 1996 at 21:06:22 (MSZ)
It is an inspiration to see other people question Quantum Mechanics, as is so rarelydone.
It is something of an odd coincidence that I should come across your page at the same time
as the bitter taste of my undergraduate Quantum Mechanics has finally faded to the point where I can once again tolerate thinking about surmounting the theory. I will certainly be looking into some of the papers you have listed; perhaps you could suggest a good place to start?
Jason Silver <>
Waterloo, Canada - Saturday, July 06, 1996 at 01:16:47 (MSZ)
Good luck with your program. It's exciting. Perhaps you will
be the new Alexander who can break open the Quantum knot.

Mark Davidson <>
Palo Alto, CA USA - Saturday, July 06, 1996 at 02:10:11 (MSZ)
I am a retired neurophysiologist who wouldlike to understand
Mind. As an undergraduate, 50 years ago, I came to a fairly
adequate understanding of 1920's-1930's QM and quantum
chemistry a la Pauling. I have tried to follow later QM,
but, although I can understand the mathematics of QED, I
have repeatedly failed to follow its physical application.
Yet several folks (e.g. DelGiudice) have proposed models of
Fro"hlich waves (polarons) which are thought by some to
explain (?!?) millimeter-scale coherence among cells in the
human brain. I also read one of Omnes's books, in which he
claims to re-manufacture QM and even the Copenhagen Interp
(not his language); but I am not able to evaluate that book,
only to read it like the score of a Beethoven symphony,
without hearing the music.
EEQT sounds stimulating and reasonably modest in its present
claims; but here again I am able only to "appreciate", not
evaluate "seriously." I will try to keep up with your
writings in this area. And Thank You for trying.
Don Walter <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Monday, July 08, 1996 at 15:36:32 (MSZ)
I read certain parts of your web pages.
Interesting. But I shall return
to them to really understand
Keep working!
Good day.
Ps: I'm using my friend's account
to view them. So dont email

Zach Wong <>
Austin, Tx USA - Saturday, August 03, 1996 at 10:27:06 (MSZ)
I would be curious in determing the origin of matter, down to the subatomic level if necessary. I suspect the answer may be quite simple but beyond our sensory capability at this moment. What do you think ? Waldek
Waldemar Galka <galka-at-nyhub>
Mineola, NY USA - Sunday, August 04, 1996 at 01:35:23 (MSZ)
A catatonic service provider prevented my comment yesterday.
Today you remain deserving of applause - not only for the
humanity you lend to your discipline, but for the importance
you place on a full understanding of its findings, and, not
least, your record of your evolving beliefs. May nature be
susceptible to your next advances!
Brian O'Driscoll <>
Auckland, New Zealand - Tuesday, August 06, 1996 at 01:29:29 (MSZ)
What then the toys of men? Something is missing. We've classified and categorized,
Lables and fables. We move faster than the lions, Cut through theh skies above,
Dive so deeply in the ocean, But we've forgotten how to love.
What then the dreams of men? Something is missing. Planning and negotiating,
Breaking ideals,
We have the tallest buildings, sent out missions to the stars,
Everyone tries to be a success,
But we've forgotten who we are. What then the works of men?
Something is missing.
Building up and breaking down, sorrows and ambitions.
We created all the boundaries, We've forgotten where we're from
What then the words of men? Something is missing.
Ancient volumes and sacred texts, mountains of information
what then the lives of men?
It is the love'link that's missing.
The bridges have been breached, and no one was crossing.
sure we'd crawled across our history,
scramblilng orphans in the dust,
Tired and trembling and broken down,
we'd forgotten who to trust.
Lena <>
Perth, WaWA Australia - Sunday, August 18, 1996 at 02:54:34 (MSZ)
Try searching under 'Raja Yoga'-that's a pretty interesting
USA - Sunday, August 18, 1996 at 03:01:20 (MSZ)
Dear Arkadiusz
You site an your views are just like the new horisons.
Although I am shure that to answer some of the question is bejond our mental possibilities I strongly belive that each of us has something to offer to the human rase.
Many questions has been unswerd by studing the Huna - ancient knowledge of Polinesia.
I will be in touch with you and I have to establish more contacts with you.
At list we have one common thing - names.

Best regards Arkadiusz

Arkadiusz from London
I am the publisher of the magazine
Polish Business Offers - The British-Polish Business publication
Arkadiusz Marczewski < >
London, UK - Thursday, October 10, 1996 at 04:39:41 (MET DST)
just correction in the address
Lora Nikolova <>
Sofia, Bulgaria - Wednesday, October 16, 1996 at 15:15:52 (MSZ)
Metaphysics seems to be the ideal "language" for talking
about spiritual reallity as it tends to be devoid of bias as
compared to most "religious" approaches to spirituality.

Dennis Parkhurst <>
Laramie, Wwy USA - Tuesday, November 05, 1996 at 13:38:05 (MEZ)
Perhaps there is only experiment and prediction techniques.

Perhaps there is no more reality than that.

Finally, perhaps there is more reality but cannot be observed
through physical phenomenon.
Martin Stern <>
Fort Wayne, IN USA - Monday, November 11, 1996 at 16:10:47 (MEZ)
Hello Arkadiusz,
Your effort is inspiring! As I indicated in my e-mail to
you, I believe that the holistic logic described in my home
page "Quantum Metaphysics" resolves the seeming conflicts of
quantum physics. This leads to profound conclusions beyond
physics, such as biology, psychology, and ultimately
religion. Please visit my home page: .
Greetings and lots of success with your QF project!
Joe Wolf.
Joachim "Joe" E. Wolf <>
FL USA - Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 20:15:24 (MEZ)
Enjoyed skimming your page. Will come back to read it in a short time.

I have always been fascinated by metaphysics and quantum theory is of current interest. Thanks for making the subject understandable to one not familiar with the great body of work in this area.

Francis V. Saele
Francis V. Saele <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Monday, November 25, 1996 at 06:31:54 (MEZ)
1. What needs and what does not need definition, is subjective and arbitrary here. Institutionalizing things brings more discipline.
2. Author hardly ever let us forget of himself, never hides humbly behind apparently more important material
Mike Griznova <>
Ft. Belvoir, VA USA - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 22:07:01 (MEZ)
PHILA., PA USA19104 - Monday, December 02, 1996 at 01:27:32 (MEZ)
The more I read to more I find it more relating to my thinking and experience. I know however, the sensitivity of "Scientists" to religion, which is in my iew an utter "ignorance, hypocracy, denial" when it come to Islam as a religion and body of coherent knowledge, that provides perfect answers to all the queries presented in the material in this page. of course after dismantling the fancy "jargon" and terms. As hard to the "hard to convince" scientists of sometimes what appears to be simplistic, but truthful answers to this infinite creation, Islam do have the final answer, and if humanity recognizes this it would have been in much better state than where it is now, (science is either doomed to fail or to lead to disaster). This is because of the denial for everything that did not fit our santzed version of creation. Mind (philosophy, metaphysics, rational thinking, scientific exploration) will never be able to discover the eternal creative entity (we call it Allah and has 99 names that describe its attributes) without having the faith and total submission to its will and the cosequent belief that is he decided to bestow this knowledge upon us. The enlightenment will come later, and true knowledge will prevail. I do not mean meditaion and the wimmsical nonesense of the orient. It is a conscious understanding of the messages revealed by the prophets to humanity (without political distortions). he msges from Adam to Ibraham to moses to jesus and finally the last msnger Muhammad. Without it humanity will suffer and remain in the darkness. Now, how does what I said disqualify me as non-scientific. I will reverse the question how would the discussion presented in the "scientifc' circles qualify as more truthful. I bet there is no answer. I thank you for the excellent and brave material. I sincerely think that the quantum physics science will benefit from the Muslim scientists (i do not mean those, like myself' who were manufacured at the western universities, but the poor and humble, but immensely knowlegable men and women of understanding of the message of Islam. The world has lost by the decline of islam as a political superpower it used to be. Salam.
Nazar Younis <>

Lenexa, KS USA - Saturday, December 07, 1996 at 20:48:57 (MEZ)



ST CLOUD, FL USA - Saturday, December 14, 1996 at 14:43:48 (MEZ) I am a retired electrical engineer from IBM now interested in
the power of our mind and how it relates to matter and what
events we attract into our life. I have studied this subject
which I call manifesting and have written 2 books on it. I am
now looking at quantum physics to see what is fact, what is theory
and what is wishfull thinking. Your web pages are helping. Thanks.
Todd Varnum <>
Burlington, VT USA - Tuesday, December 24, 1996 at 18:18:33 (MEZ)

Revisiting to check yesterday's future at Wroclaw. You make happy transitions! Best wishes for 1997.
Brian O'Driscoll <>
Auckland, NZ - Saturday, December 28, 1996 at 23:35:08 (MEZ)
An inspiring site - even for a journalism major. I'd greatly
appreciate your sharing any information or insight you
may have concerning Freud contemporary Wilhelm Reich and
electrical engineer Henry Moray and their research and
discoveries of a clean, unlimited energy source.
Both men used an aerial to "connect" with the energy source.
And, Moray actually demonstrated his findings publically
in 1937, by providing power to 40, 100-watt lightbulbs
Most interesting, however, is that Reich (after publishing
his findings) was challenged by the United States FDA
in court where the judge ordered Reich to terminate his
research. When he did not, he was sent to prison where
he died in 1957. The same year he died, the FDA secured
a court order to burn his books and documents associated
with his research. His research was burned in the New York
City municipal incinerator in 1960. Even if his research
or findings were a hoax, why burn his documentation?
Fear, power and industry -- perhaps. Even Nicola Tesla (eg
Tesla currents) was thought to have built a car engine in
1931 that was capable of traveling some 90 mph and
used an aerial to draw energy. No other energy source was
needed -- it was completely clean. He apparently took
the secret of his engine to his grave. My question
to you is this: is it possible these men were actually
tapping into a clean, unlimited energy force/source from the
universe? And, how would this be, or is it, possible? I
look forward to hearing from you.

Dianne Yost <PDYOST-at-AOL.COM>
USA - Monday, January 06, 1997 at 06:26:47 (MEZ)



USA - Thursday, January 23, 1997 at 07:33:10 (MEZ)

It is very interesting to read your mental journal. I was drawn to your page through the quantum search I was running. Over the last 30 years I have been coming toward greater 'knowledge' from the other end of the spectrum. I am an artist. I also had a near-death experience at the age of nine, which totally transformed my world view and my understanding of what 'reality' is. My husband also comes to the concepts you are approaching from a much more metaphysical direction. He has often discussed concepts coming out of the high-energy physics publications with a bit of frustration that they seem to be simply talking to themselves and just -frankly- making things up to suit themselves when the world won't co-opperate. You have come to a watershed point here, looking at God with a new reaspect. I don't know how far you have gone with this, but another watershed is the understanding that 'The City of God', 'THe Communion of Saints', the 'Deva Reality' are one and the same. All who Trust God through Time are there, the past-living, the living, the unborn. This is the communion. The East teaches the West Prayer in a deeper manner. The West teaches the East in the Christ event. Where the East has the Book of the Dead to teach the soul what to expect as it comes to the Light, the West gives the East what it lacks, a bridge for the soul to the Light. The returning soul comes to the Light and sees the difference between itself and the Light, it can not help but recoil in horror. No discipline can deliver the soul un-blemished. Yet the Christ stands between, Light and Soul, God and Human. Quark-paired with both, allowing the soul to stand in the Light and be cleansed. Cleansed of one life or a thousand(?) it must be harmonized with the Light and the Christ is the balm that allows it to remain and not flee in fear. Over the years I have become a Presbyterian. I have come to see that as far as "Free-will" goes, I have only the moment, only the simple choice every day..To Trust Papa(God)...or To NOT Trust. Each moment. I look forward to reading more of your journey, and hold you in my prayers(conversations). Have a good year!
Lee B.
USA - Friday, January 24, 1997 at 23:44:46 (MEZ)
I have been able to show that a deterministicly ruled and closed system, can produce a truely random outcome.
I believe had Einstien had a chance to look at my arguments I believe he would have not had difficulty accepting the fact that non deterministic phenomia exist. If you would like to see my proof and arguments, e-mail me.

Curtis Blanco
Bountiful, UT USA - Friday, January 17, 1997 at 19:00:59 (MEZ)
I enjoy the philosophical aspects of quantum mechanics,
even though I do not understand all of the math. I would enjoy
receiving E-Mail from others who also enjoy philosophical
Richard Galenes

Charleston, SC USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 15:56:20 (MEZ)
I've dabbled in research on quantum physics and chaos
theory seeking truth just like yourself. It's all
very fascinating yet overwhelming. Check out this site I
stumbled across recently:
I'd love to know what you think of it. Kathy Kunkel
CA USA - Thursday, March 27, 1997 at 08:16:48 (MEZ)
I am a Ph.D student in Theoretical Chemistry fascinated by
quantum physics,the compelling elegance of its mathematical structure
and the problems of its interpretation.
I believe that Q.M. has contributed to make science "more human",
connecting physics to the great issues of psychology and
spirituality. Maybe our human mind is too limited to see
what is really hiding beyond the "quantum wall", but I think that
an effort to provide an answer to this questions (and to
the other ones related to it, such "Who are we?'"What is
our place in the Universe?" "What is consciousness" , and
so on)should be done, because is one of the things that make
our life interesting!
I came across your page some days ago and found your project
interesting and exciting in its general lines...unfortunately
I cannot appreciate it fully because I suppose that the
mathematical framework of EEQT is too difficult for my limited
background and experience (I'm not a theorethical physicist!)
. Anyway, keep working! It's beautiful
that you're trying to solve the Great Knot.
Greetings and good luck for your QF program

Gloria Tabacchi
Como, Italy - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 18:37:37 (MEZ)
Nice to see people interested in metaphysics! Metaphysics - Discovery through creativity (inductive) Physics - Discovery through distruction (deductive) "You cannot know the whole by distroying it." John Hutton
Springfield, MO USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 16:47:56 (MSZ)
USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 22:15:11 (MSZ)
PS...congratulations....great web page and exciting project
Good LUck!!!!

USA - Thursday, April 10, 1997 at 22:19:16 (MSZ)
This is very good place.Great job done.Keep on working this way.
live it and evolve. Judge not and become enlightend to "the one".
Judge not and become enlightend to "the one".

Owen Charles <>
USA - Friday, May 09, 1997 at 01:35:00 (MSZ)
Fascinating Website! "To lead is to follow..." My experience as an international leader with our company has been very illuminating. It seems that the more experience I gain as a leader, the more I find myself learning from/following those whom I have been entrusted to lead... ""
All who visit here are sure to benefit in some small way. Exciting that Emerson is an ancestor of mine...
All are welcome to also visit our Website. We're able to help make such a positive difference in the lives of SO many deserving people around the world!
Best wishes and safe journeys in this life, to everyone...

William R. Edwards <>
Bend, OR USA - Thursday, May 22, 1997 at 23:47:50 (MSZ)
Visit and Sign Roots to the Past

Een bezoek aan het museum is altijd de moeite waard.

Visit and Sign Streekhistorie Westland

Theo Strik <>
Naaldwijk, Nederland - Friday, May 23, 1997 at 23:53:50 (MSZ)

Added your link on my page, I`m sure you`ll agree.
Have a nice day! Hope that many people will visit your page...

bye Torsten

Torsten Wintgen <>
Duesseldorf, NRW Germany - Tuesday, July 08, 1997 at 00:37:30 (MSZ)
Hope you enjoyed your stay in the US, or are you still here?
Your new page on the Knowledge heading is very interesting, particularly the section concerning the implications of language.

I see you still are in a quandry trying to discern good from evil. My husband and I find that we experience a sharp, almost painful tingling on the right side of our heads and bodies when touched by good, and the very same sensation on the left when the evil comes. I know this sounds culturally programmed, but subsequent events prove this out. If you are looking for a way to experience this Light beyond the lab and notebook, please don't discount the experiences of those who have gone before you, religous or not. There are closed minds in every field of human endevor, evil minds in every field. Yet there are the truely good, the truely enLightened there. Where there is danger, there are precautions. A wisdom may have become formalized over the ages, but it is still wisdom, still a truth to be gleaned. Move on Ark. You dally at the door asking how to step over the threshold, how to tell if the tiger waits. The way to tell has been known by many since the dawn of time. Listen to them and step!

Gray and I will be listening for the song-sound of your soul. We hold you in our thoughts, calling for the Creator to lead you in your perfect path.


Lee Bailey <>
Norfolk, VA USA - Thursday, July 31, 1997 at 08:37:56 (MSZ)
I just found your site and I am very excited because I know I will learn very much.I am seeking GOD.I know I will find that knowingness.I know it for sure.It appears to me that there is nothing worthwhile without that knowingness.
If you ever have the time to respond to peoples questions,I have one for you.There is a man from Canada that has developed herbal products that work on the princable of being electrically aligned to the human body.He says that nutrition begins electrically.This makes sense to me.Would love to know what you think.


Maryann Ortega <>
Salem, OR USA - Tuesday, August 12, 1997 at 07:14:28 (MSZ)
We are desperately trying to find your E-mail address in order to contact you in person. There may be a beautiful friendship waiting for you and possibly some exciting teamwork together! We will keep looking. Please send us your E-mail address! Thank you. Reni
Reni &; Seila Sentana-Ries <>
Wetaskiwin, AB Canada - Thursday, August 14, 1997 at 01:35:33 (MSZ)
i'm dropping bye

USA - Tuesday, September 09, 1997 at 23:53:59 (MSZ)

I want to thank you for coming forth for others to find you.
I try to find sites like yours everyday, I might find one every six months.
It is very exciting when I do because it is a witness of the global awakining
now in progress. The, what I call, "Embracing The Contradiction" of " theoretical
quantum physics, world religions and universal law, or language. I relate a little to this in the "introduction"
on my home page. When you can find time, drop me a line. No use in telling you to keep up the great things you're doing *smile*,
If you feel like I do, and I feel you do, it would seem "impossible" to stop doing the thing you love, especially when there's no one to protest it.
Anyway, thanks again for being here.....Namaste.......Dwayne
Dwayne <>
Dallas, TX USA - Friday, October 10, 1997 at 06:12:32 (MSZ
Very interesting. Thanks for letting me know about it recently and thanks for your kind comments concerning my site:
Morgana <>
Earth - Thursday, January 15, 1998 at 20:58:45 (MEZ)

Thanks to a research about John Gribbin I found out about you. I never before had been involved in this field and it just happened that I took this first class on astronomy and my professor is Ed Tryon. I was born in Eleusis, Athens-Greece on 1961 and everyday I am fascinated with so much knowledge I touch. Living is a wonderful experience. I like your web page,. Thank you for all the great information and I wish you to be healthy and to have strengh to continue.
Mary Adamaki <>
L.I.C., NY USA - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 16:20:49 (MEZ)

Lance Kutchins

Greetings! Thank you for the opportunity to peruse your materials. I am particularly interested in the relationship dreams have to quantum theory (all things one, and a duality separate from this via time/space) such things as telepathy, esp, forward or reverse ime communications and such in currently metaphysical realms might be mathmatically proven. I would appreciate any direction or materials you may direct me towards. Best regards, Lance


Arithmetical 1+2+3+4 &; Geometrical 1x2x3x4 - That`s MAGICKALT=" Mo Greens Please - More Light! !!! !!! !!! There are 12x9 Dimensions waiting to become realized by using a universal 9dimensional TransMorphing Algorithm means universal periodical system of sciences via: 0 Axioms of ContiNuum (0xINF=1) 1 Atomics (0+9d-SpaceTimeForm-Algorithm) 2 Physics (Light / elementary Radiation) 3 Chymics (periodical elementary-molecular-coupling-&;-reactions system of known matter (up from faculty 24 - protonic plane)) 4 Geonics 5 Bionics TL-1, BioSurvive Jung Function1: Sense(s) 6 Sex TL-2, Emotiosexuality Jung Function2: Intuition 7 SymBionics TL-3, Symbolic plane (Behaviour &; Language) Jung Function3: Feel 8 Socionics TL-4, Collective socialization Jung Function4: Thingking 9 NeuroHedonics TL-5 ... please remember Jung Function5: TransZenDence 10 NeuroElectronics 11 NeuroGenetics 12 NeuroAtimics AND SO ON....ALT=" ..........13 to the next upper full holonomic integrated exchange level Based on: Singularity + 3 Tetrades of Dimensions of SPACE, TIME &; Form (PostModern CosmoGomy provided by HER) That`s 10, Gemini, LOVERs with ART, 17, YOD ZAIN, the ten times sword of HER Masters Engineering Services on this Planet. The Method of Sience - The Aim Of Religion. That`s what we are here. Facts: The cosm is a universal holonomical natural processor: HardWare &; SoftWare in ONE. Matter constituted by real ATOMs (antique phil.), math. describable by Newton AND! Einstein only. Light velocity not constantALT=" It has only a finit Limit as one of it`s relativistic extremes. Unified Physics Development arrieved to start on earth plane in 1987 - time for a GREAT JUNCTION! Are you a Member of High End Research M.E.S.? Have you MO GREENs please for that we all will come together? Please e-mail to: Franziska Wahl, Internet: or Internet: With God. over&;out YZ at HER Planet

06/28/98 18:57:09

Torsten Wintgen
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A very interesting site! Hope many people will drop by! by Torsten

08/09/98 23:26:12

Debra LeRoy
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Awesome! I love your site and visit frequently. I'm a homeopath and a mystic/metaphysician, with a particular interest in time travel.

03/15/99 21:15:59

I have to say that this is the most DEEPLY interesting site I have viewed recently... I especially like your photo. You have such BEAUTIFUL eyes! ylbgw

03/18/99 21:14:51

Martin McKey and friends
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Hello! That's it! We've at last found it! And now in Polish: Pozdrowienia od bylego studenta z Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego: "Pana wyklad inauguracyjny (pierwszy) w roku 1996 dla studentow fizyki I roku, gdy jechal Pan badac aspekty UFO do Niemiec, nie kryjac tego przed nami... to bylo wlasnie to". Pozdrawiamy, greetings!!!

05/05/99 12:34:12

Joe Heeger, Jr.

I learned of your site from contact with Laura. I have just started to read but find it very interesting. I have been to a place you discribe, a floating city. I am also aware of past and future lives of mine (not all, just a few, mostly past). I have als traveled to other worlds both in dream state and in ships. Your "Quantum Future" seams quite interesting. Thanks, I will read more.

Un bee livable, and complex, complex...I plan to visit's like swimming through somebody elses mind, but there's nothing scary in it. Hank Harriso

Hank Harrison,

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06/22/99 15:41:28

It is wonderful. I walked on the Geocities and has come across on your site. How do you do? In present I'm in LANL (hep-ph and physics). Regards Gunn

Gunn Quznetsov, Visit Me, Email Me

06/23/99 14:21:05

Hi! Walter Sarafin
Walter Sarafin <>
Clifton, NJ USA -
How about Emmanuel? I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking refuge in another land know that the time is ripe. Sept. 14, 1976 did these things come forth unto you. (Jesus) August 15, Anniversary Assumption of "Mary" into Heaven.
Ladislaus Sarafin <>
Clifton, NJ USA -
I love this, and I'm going to add a link in my Homepage.
Julia Campbell <>
Sierra Vista, AZ USA -

I am en polish student at Art Academy in Norway.Last year.
I was always interesting in somthing between Gurdjieff,
C.Castaneda,P.Mathiessens ,F.Carpa, G.Zukaw, M.Kaku and me.
I do not know how much I understand of what I reed ,
but I feel my Particles screem for this knowledge
My happines hed no end when I found Yours site.
I strugle to understend Something with my art. I do not
speak good English but I try my best. I wish I could reed
Yours texts in Polish. I must sey I desperately ask You
mr Arkadiusz Jadczyk to send me som text via internet
in Polish.Thise will help me with my graduating work
at Academy in Oslo. I hope this letter will find You.
Thank You ,

Jadwiga B. Podowska <>
Oslo, Norway -

Answer: Droga Jadziu, Dear Jadwiga

Thanks for your kind words. But you really need to practice your English, You will find it extremely useful.
And, with your hunger for knowledge, it will not be difficult. Just buy a couple of books dealing with
the subjects that interest you most, that you are really hungry for, and read them. Even ONE good
book will do. Then get another one, and you will see it will all come effortlessly. Then all the
treasures of world literature and of Interenet will open to you
But, I think, I will do one thing: I will put on the web the one paper that I wrote originally in
in Polish, and that was the paper that I wrote for Sedlak symposium in Lublin. By the way, you may like
to read some books by Sedlak - they are in Polish. Sedlak was an extraordinary man! But putting this
paper on the web will take some time...

Thanks again, and Good Luck in your search for values and truth!


Looking forward to more extended comments on Bearden and Hoagland in the future.
Would like to hear your opinion on the recent work of Haisch, Rueda, & Puthoff
on deriving inertia and gravity as interactions of electrons and quarks with
the zero point field. Most references on Haisch's page at the Journal of Scientific

Your opinions regarding parallel universe theory in relation to the statement "time
is selective and variable if you know how" would also be of interest.


Dear Gary,

After I started writing on Bearden and Hoagland, I realized that there are two excluding options: either
I spend my time fighting with nonsense and disinformation OR I use this time for my own research.
I decided to slow down with the first kind of activity, and to speed up with the second. But, as you can
see from my Phipps page I continue also with exposing nonsense. So, be patient, all will come, little
by little. Now, you want me to add also Puthoff to my list.... Well, he is on my "waiting list". But
not the first one on this list.
And as for "time selective and variable".... I am working on it.

Thanks for your entry.


Suggest you may want to reprioritze your list. Papers listed at this site:

include a derivation of F=ma for the electron from Maxwell's equations and
the interaction of electric charge with the zero point field. This work
deals with inertial mass as a field interaction but since inertial mass is
equivilent to gravitational mass to any order of measurement, this may be
important in terms of the frequent references to gravity in the channelled

Seemed like a linkage to me, but I'm not a physicist.

Take it for what it may be worth.



Dear Gary,

Thank you for the link. I looked into the papers refered to at this zpf site. My conclusion is: we should not try
to understand something that we do not understand in terms of something that we understand even less. It seems
to me that the zero-point energy wagon heads towards a dead-end. At least when driven by quantumelectrodynamics or stochastic electrodynamics horse. And this is what Puthoff, Haisch, Rueda and others are proposing in their published
papers. You can go there ... for a while .... and then you are stuck. But anyway: thank you for your input!


Oct. 28, 1999

I disagree with most of your analysis concerning discrepancies in Matrix III. First of all, the unity equations are METAPHORICAL. if A + B = unity, perhaps val should have said A/B = 1 (the units would cancel), but hey, even if that equation were correct, try putting some numbers in there-- you can't! Why? because they're not mathematical equations, they're metaphorical equations.
Bruce Cathie's relativity equation is HARMONIC in nature. You're viewing these things from the wrong perspective. Other than that, your site is excellent.

Montalk <>

Response: "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid" book, with Bruce Cathie's contributions, as well as books written by this Bruce Cathie, sell for REAL money, not for "HARMONIC" or "METAPHORICAL" money. Right? But, even so, I would have nothing against it, if it would have been stated explicitly, so that everybody can see it before buying, that
"These equations are nonsensical if considered as having the same value as other equations in physics and math. They are metaphorical and harmonic and they mean nothing at all, even if I am charging for them REAL NONHARMONIC MONEY."
Then it would be OK with me. But then, of course, I would never think of buying these books!
Thank you for your input!


October 31, 1999

No Comments, sorrrry
Bulasty <>
You are, I believe, on the right track in proposing tha there is an infinite and universal mind that sometimes appears to behave randomly when perceived in our finite world of the five senses. The finite observer can neither accurately observe, nor define, infinite. If one could define infinite, it would no longer be infinite. If finite could observe infinite in its wholenes, infinifte would no longer be infinite. What you are attempting to do is define infinite using word. Worlds are mere symbols and symbols are incapable of conveying concepts that touch and concern infinite. For example we can scientificallly describe the process by which a seed germinates, or dies, and creates a plant with a multitude of seeds, in order that the entire process may begin anew. No finite mind can, however, explain "why" this simple natural process work teh way it does. So when we "observe" subatomic particles we cannot assume that we are able to grasp more than the process, as opposed to the whole of it. we will never dicover the "smallest" particle of matter or energy, because amtter and energy are infinite.
Ben A. Goodin <>
Aurora,, IL USA -

I love this site. I have already sent a question to laura an recieved an answer. I have been looking for this all my life I knew that all the "strange" visions and feelings I have been having all my life made sense
ingrid k tulloch johnson <>
ny, ny USA - Nov. 12, 1999

i will be reading the printouts tonight then i will get back to you

patrick murphy <>
manchester, england -
i found you thru dan website. i have heard of cassiopaea before thru Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the teachings of the ascended masters. i was on her/their staff for 10 years 1980-1990. There are some questions i would love to have answered. Who is E.C.P.really? I gave my life to help save Mother Earth and all the lightbearers and it seems things are worse. We were taught the science of the spoken word. It is very powerful. I am greatful for any feed back as i am feeling pretty lonely out hear with no one to share info with. I have no e-mail address.Please write to me at...p.o. box 102 Orange,CA 95856-6102 Do the cassiopaeans say where there might be a good place to live or does it really matter? I came back to calif. after leaving in 1971 from Montana a year ago. Montana is supposedly receiving radon? Ido not understand. C.U.T. moved its headquarters there in 1982/87 to be safe. A friend of mine just invited me to Arroyo Seco, NM. It sounds like NM is about to go to 4th in don't go to albuquerque...what to do...stay in so. ca. or get out of here. I am looking forward to handbook for wanderers...i am 53 and so the buddha with the begging bowl only i by mercy and grace. Looking for comfort in knowing i am not really alone in this search to get to the bottom of things. I am accessing profound amounts of info in short time thru internet. Learning is FUN. thanks for all your effort. i do understand. beverly
beverly poehlman
correction on zip code for orange,ca 92856-6102.
beverly poehlman
Nice site.
and for all the people in this guestbook:
Keep an open mind and don't ignore the spiritual nature of yourself which quantum physics describes. You are much more than your 3 dimensional body.

Joe Smith <>
Lincoln, NE USA -
What is "the passer-by of planets"? Anyone know?
Lisa Gardner <>
Ark, your wife was kind enough to provide me with the address of your website. It is the first time I ever looked at this information and am a bit overwhelmed. I will continue to study the information and search for truth. Thank you.....
M. Keith Williams <>
Scranton, PA USA -

While my understanding of physics does not extend into the mathematical arena, I am deeply interested in anything that sets out to categorize the truth. It seems to me that the further we push into the frontier of the unknown, of our own habitat, the universe or of ourselves, our bio-electrical mechanics (our soul) the less things make sense. I can find no explanation for this other than we are chasing a red herring. We are set to look in directions that will yield no answers. Think of how you would "pull the wool over the eyes" of a child in regards to something they were too young to understand. Would you not offer up a solution that holds up until it is put under careful scrutiny? And in so doing providing a growth period of maturity between the false information and the revelation of the truth? Giving the infant time to grow into a world of unpleasantries. Are we on the cusp of this maturity level, our existence no longer stands to reason, the clear and undeniable fact of our world is no longer a logical conclusion along our mathematical highway from point A (creation) to point B (crunch). {or eternal expansion I suppose}

Thus I reach my reason for truth. Its revelation will not be divined from nature in the way we imagine but received as a coming of age from out gracious misleader.


I am interested in your opinion of our reality and what you hope to gain in its exploration. My answer (Stolen from a well known picture) Illumination.

Matt de Rooy <>
New York, NY USA -

Dear Matt,
You ask me "I am interested in your opinion of our reality and what you hope to gain in its exploration. " On
my Quantum Metaphysics I am quoting from Magritte: "I am unaware of the real reason why I paint, just as I am unaware of the reason for living and dying." And then I continue explaining, even if incompletely, my own hopes. Have a look at
my Kafka page. There I am telling still more. And, I can also add, in a Kafka style: To find our mission is our mission.
In this mission we must never cease.
Are we chasing a red herring? And what if have power to create? If wecreate red herrings - that is what we will get. But, perhaps, we can create something different? Perhaps we can choose, and we can
create. Perhpas we can get closer to the Truth? If there is only one chance in a billion - it is still worthwhile to pursue this direction with all strength that is given to us. As Cassiopaeans say: all is lessons. We are here to learn. And if we do not learn, we will be recycled. By learning, we HELP.
Or, using computer programmer metaphor: the program that runs our Universe has bugs in it. We are here as tiny, local, debugging units. But firts we have to debug our own programming and meta-programming. And there is long way to go. By learning our life lessons we can help our CREATOR in debugging the Universe. HE can't do it alone. But, as I said, it is a programming metaphor. Should not be taken without grain of salt. Except one thing: this is one big school and we are heare to learn. And learning can be fun.

December 10, 1999


Great topic - hate to say it, but it's really technical and hard to follow (I'm of average intellect). Hoagland has a following and you present a logical case against his works. H. is a great speaker with contagious enthusiasm and other's ideas. The salad shooter approach to theoretical physics is hit and miss and he surely missed a few. Keep pluggin' away and sorry to say, nowadays flashy lights, pictures and whatever else keep it movin' so you don't lose focus...good luck!
A. nono mouse <>
OrangeCurtain, CA USA -
Life is a mysterious dance. That's why pretty women should remain the boss in this world. Your beautiful body is your very life; whether you can build a car or not. Thank you for your very educating pages, Arkadiusz.
The Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment <>
Amsterdam, NHDo not forget in real life pretty women should be NL The Netherlands -
One of my core beliefs/concepts from very in my life has been that science and religion should agree. I studied chemistry in college and I've been a lifelong student of metaphysics. I really enjoy your pages.

In Love and Compassion, Jo Anne

Jo Anne La Pointe <>
Charlottesville, VA USA -
Here are few topics from our "Health & Wealth" Network site
in USA... Going beyond speculations to discover Who
you really Are? People can change their terrible habits
of self-deception and destruction comitted by meat-eating
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Learning Nature-Lessons: Always Cleansing & Energizing:
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Fresh fruits, raw vegetables and seeds are diet-supporting
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Nutri-Fuel Extracts (vitamin-energizing).
Our popular 3-week "HERBA-VITAL" PROGRAMS are

- Secrets of Success and Happiness)

Brooklyn, NY USA -

Ark, on your page _Quantum Future Physics_, you say:

"...After the crash all goes again smoothly - for a while... What is important: while the smooth evolution is predictable (although its predictions may be unreliable - like with the weather and other phenomena where prediction is sensitive to errors in the input data), the crash period, the period of catastrophe, has an inbuilt roulette mechanism. Determinism gives up, indeterminism is ruling this short time."

Now, you are saying the EEQT takes these 'crash periods' into account, while standard quantum theory does not. You seem to imply that it is within these 'crash periods' that we are able to have the most influence - that outside of these 'crash periods' things are pretty much predictable. In view of that, I'm interested to know - if there is a place for 'mind' and the influence of 'mind' in EEQT, is it specifically within and around the 'crash periods'?

Does this question make sense? I am completely unsure that it does, because I am unsure of my own understanding of what you've said in these pages. But this is the question that occured to me while reading.


Lisa Gardner <>

Dear Lisa,

Truly speaking I don't know. On one hand what you say might be true. On the other hand it is also possible that just the converse is true. Namely, that mind can direct, little by little, the continuous part, and stear to this or to another "crash". Like when you are on a boat - you can choose its course while you are still in a sready stream, but when you start to enter one of the turbulent places - it is usually already too late! You have no enough power to do anything but pray and hold to the boat. But, as I said, I do know. I do not know yet, because the task of extending physics to include mind is not yet accomplished. But also, I think, one day I will know. And then I will be able to answer your question better than now. Thanks for asking,

January 4, 2000


On one of the pages you comment about a Brazilian scientist
doing research on superluminal radiation. How about a more
specific reference?

Houston, TX USA -

Sure. Here is the link to the list of some of his publications. Look for the term "superluminal".

Thanks for the Rodrigues link. Interesting but mathematically over
my head.

I read somewhere that it might be possible to warp or crinkle any
single axis of space-time by the proper application of a "tortion tensor."
This apparently would produce a pathway in space or time to allow travel
in a discontinuous manner. I don't have the math background to understand
tensor calculus but I thought you might supply some comments on this observation.
Sorry I can't be more concise, but it was some time ago. The basic idea
seemed to be that a spinning EM field could produce an effect similar to
a wormhole but more restricted as to possible pathway at a significantly
smaller energy requirement.

I thought I would throw this out for comment since you list time travel
as one of your areas of research and the channelled entities
your wife communicates with have said time travel can be
accomplished with an EM field, and that she should find a "spin doctor"
to do further research.

There are many scattered references to time travel on the site and some of
them seem contradictory or inconsistent. I would find it interesting if you
could summarize the channeled information with comments based on your present
understanding of the physics involved at a single location.

Also a question on time travel for Laura: The Cassiopaeans seem to be saying
that aliens can change our timeline for their benefit but for us to change it
would interfere with our "lessons." If we choose a life in a certain timeline
and become trapped in the illusion and then have the timeline changed, how is
that the lesson we "chose?" You had messages from two people who lost loved
ones from medical mistakes and at least one of them appeared to be in the midst
of a "lesson" on changing their life. My impression was that defeat was snatched
from the jaws of victory in a difficult life lesson. I have seen three instances
of this in people I know. These are people who are shattered by the untimely
death of a spouse or child just when they were recoving from a disease. I can
understand death being part of the "lesson" but I can't understand how granting
a miracle only to snatch it away can be anything but sadistic. The people I know
never really recovered and two of them were fairly resolved to the idea of the
loss before their miracle. Perhaps I am just a statistical fluke, but seeing this
happen to three people I know does make me wonder if we are not being maniopulated
as a source of negative emotions. These people were emotionally crushed by being
given hope and then having it taken away. I guess I don't inderstand how anyone
would "choose" that kind of life.

Looking forward to your responses. Bob Houston, USA -

Dear Bob,

Concerning your comments on EM field and torsion ... it is not that simple. But you can have a glimpse into where the research is going on by going to Alexander Frolov web site and taking appropriate correction. As you will certainly notice, there is no demand for time-travel services. Frolov is offering his ervices for more than two years, but evidently nobody wants to hire him.
As for "lessons" which seem to you as "unfair" - we have already discussed this problem in our previous responses.
Sure, we are being manipulated. Yet, I am it telling myself again and again:

Those who follow that part of themselves that is great - will become great men..
Those who follow that part of themselves that is small - will become small men.



The choice is ours. The responsibility is ours.

ark, January 18, 2000



Once again, in reference to Val Valerian, author of the Matrix books, and
your criticism of his work: The materials found before and after page 344 were
written by those at the "Unified Takyon Concepts" company, who are in the
'business' of providing "unified field protection devices" which
supposedly scramble the hyperdimensional component of EMF waves such that subliminals
being carried by these waves lose their psychoactive qualities. Examining their literature,
it is evident that they ardently believe in what they do, but fervent devotion to false
paradigms in contradiction to self-evident physics leads to little truth in the end.
It is also obvious from the Matrix III books that Val doesn't understand everything
he included as supplementary material. In fact, the only texts authored by him in Vol 1 are mostly
those in the old computer font. He makes a better editor, compiler, and researcher than an author,
and his discernment in refusing to include certain primary material could use improvement.

Montalk <>
i am interested in your site thanks
dorine horan <>
marshall, tx USA 75672 -
Thank you for helping with the successful evasion of the others
March 20,2000 while enroute on I-74 south of Moline IL.
Instruction completed 3/27/2000, achieved appx. 10 minute
forward time translation. Continue to contact us, would
appreciate the ability to reciporicate.... Lastly, any
background information about what is going on would be

John Bailey <>
Bettendorf, ia USA -
Thanx for all the inspirations you gave me on your site. I'd be delighted with getting just a few words from you at my little text project pages:
ciao, and h a v e f u n ! <>
Germany -
I feel the circle beginning to close..........
Robert Zielinsky <>
Waterloo, Ontario Canada -
I have saved most of you web pages, I am going to study them. I am looking for the connection between Quantum theroy and the Ocuult or metaphysics if you like. Thanks for all this information.

Freya Aswynn <>
Strathaven, Scotland -
I have saved most of you web pages, I am going to study them. I am looking for the connection between Quantum theroy and the Occult or metaphysics if you like. Thanks for all this information.

Freya Aswynn <>
Strathaven, Scotland -
thanks for the info.I heard val valerian relied on cassiopaen transmissions.I am under the impression you folks and he were/are 'feuding'.If a person feels very strongly ,a sense of psychic contact with non human entities, is it a call?What should the person(s) receiving the impulse do?\

milford grindstaff <>
n//a, or USA -
This is a very nice place !

Protector 1uno <>
Gospic, Li Croatia -
Thank you for this informative page. It has helped me to complete a chemistry project I have been working on. I hope to someday be able to become a Quantum Physicist and learn all of the rules that are able to be bent and broken. If only the book "Timeline" could be non-fiction...
Harrison, J. B. <>
moveing soon, MI USA -
Inquiry Into Inquiry ???
Conception Closes ...
Wonder On Wonder !!!
Existence Opens ...

Jon Awbrey <>
Auburn Hills, MI USA -
Czeœæ. Cieszê siê ¿e te strony ci¹gle s¹. Wyrazy uznania.
Odpowiednie s³owo i skojarzenie po latach: wolnoœæ.
Pozdrawiam. Jerzy.

Jerzy Ró¿añski <>
Warszawa, Polska -
I've printed out your homepage so I can read and ponder it. Dr. Richard Sears, a pal and genius friend of mine, with whom I converse about the nature of time/space, urged me to look you up. From what I've seen so far, he was well-justified in recommending this visit. Thank you in advance for your views on the Quantum Future. My next novel (at my home page you'll read about the first two) is a high-tech thriller about Time.
I figure it's about time.
Best Regards,
Nancy Parker

N. Parker <>
Ashland, OR USA -
I've printed out your homepage so I can read and ponder it. Dr. Richard Sears,
a pal and genius friend of mine, with whom I converse about the nature of time/space,
urged me to look you up. From what I've seen so far, he was
well-justified in recommending this visit. Thank you in
advance for your views on the Quantum Future. My next novel
(at my home page you'll read about the first two) is a
high-tech thriller about Time. You might say it's about time.
Best Regards,
Nancy Parker

N. Parker <>
Ashland, OR USA -
``````````` The Jug of Punch ```````````

Bein' on the twenty-third of June,
As I sat weaving all at my loom,
Bein' on the twenty-third of June,
As I sat weaving all at my loom,
I heard a thrush, singing on yon bush,
And the song she sang was The Jug of Punch.

What more pleasure can a boy desire,
Than sitting down beside the fire?
What more pleasure can a boy desire,
Than sitting down beside the fire?
And in his hand a jug of punch,
And on his knee a tidy wench.

When I am dead and left in my mould,
At my head and feet place a flowing bowl,
When I am dead and left in my mould,
At my head and feet place a flowing bowl,
And every young man that passes by,
He can have a drink and remember I.

Ostensibly Recursive Text, 23 June 2000

Jon Awbrey <>
Auburn Hills, MI USA -

The recent studies producing supra-lumminal beams in Italy and the USA and reported in Nature may or may not be of interest to you folks. Feinman argued very briefly in QED that the Quantum system may not recognize infinitely small interval, infinite point math. Experimentally this must be so because the QS renormalizes finitely, just as Feinman and Dyson did. R Hoagland has a nice point in indicating that the Maxwell equations were originally scalar entities. Schatzer 1998 [see his web article argues, probably correctly, that the uncertainty relation between t and the mass-energy value of any well measured accelerating correlated large system prevents this system, when Relativistically" accelerating, from being locatable at all in time. There is no way to observe - measure a real Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction event or the one way speed of light. We think a solution is to be found in Feinman's sonwhat sardonically suggested finite geometry-toplogy math and in positing finite phase spaces-dinensionalities for all Quantum mechanical processes, probably small in total dimensions etc. All of Einstein's thought experiments re light cones and trains require tachyons as measuring entities even to cognize them. Try to read the Schatzer article before you dismiss this or Alcubierre. I.e. Maxwell fields must be a set of finite structures with at most a finite set of calcuated or calculable entities.
More later.

john molloy
tucson , Az USA - Friday, July 07, 2000 at 11:05:03 (PDT)

Hmm.... "recent studies producing supra-lumminal beams" ... Do we know for sure that they produced superluminal beams? I prefer to wait and listen to the critics before jumping to conclussions. What we know is that the "superluminal signalling" is one interpretation of the results. But there are other interpretations as well. Nothing has been proven. There are ideas and conjectures.

You say "Feynman argued" ... and "this must be so...". Perhaps Feynma was right, perhaps he was was wrong. Again, I would not jump to conclusion that "this must be so". There are other options, other possibilities, other possible ways out of the infinities produced in relativistic quantum field theories. Fractal nature of space-time is one such option. Using p-adic numbers is another option. Adding dissipation is yet another option.

"There is no way to measure one-way speed of light" - you say. Again, I only partially agree. I will take two identical clocks, move one clock to the point A, another clock to the point B - and measure the speed of light. ... I know, you will argu, that how can I be sure that nothing happened to the moving clock because it was moved. So, I will say - I will take utmost care when moving - in order not to disturb the clock mechanism. ... I know, you will say that even so, how can I be sure that nothing happened to the clock, even if it was moving VERY SLOWLY.... OK, I will answer - but then there is no way to measure two way speed of light either. Since how do we know that nothing happens to the clock while it is WAITING for the signal to return? It is still moving! In TIME! So, you see, these are really complex problems that needs utmost care.

You say "Hoagland has a nice point ...". I am not sure if Hoagland has any point here - he is just repeating after Bearden. Bearden on the other hand issues statements without ever proving them. Why? I will be back to this point on my web pages dealing with Maxwell etc.

And, let me make it clear: I am not dismissing Alcubierre, and I do not say that Maxwell field is NOT discrete or finite in some sense. I am saying: we do not know yet, and there is a lot of disinformation around.


Thanks for writing - which gives me opportunity to state my views openly. My views are always open to revision - based on facts and proofs.


Hi, this Brian from Thailand. An interesting site and now I find that I only
visit this site rather than searching the internet. The Baud
rate here in Thailand is kinda of slow, but just the same, I always check out
"What's New." Are you going to post links to other sites that
have similier content? I know you have the "Ra" material, but
it is difficult buying their books from Thailand. Again, Great site:
keep up the good work---Brian

Brian Davis
USA - Thursday, August 10, 2000 at 19:55:36 (PDT)
Hi, this Brian from Thailand. An interesting site and now I find that I only
visit this site rather than searching the internet. The Baud
rate here in Thailand is kinda of slow, but just the same, I always check out
"What's New." Are you going to post links to other sites that
have similier content? I know you have the "Ra" material, but
it is difficult buying their books from Thailand. Again, Great site:
keep up the good work---Brian

Brian Davis
USA - Thursday, August 10, 2000 at 19:58:12 (PDT)
I am very happy to have this site and proud of its existence.
I am about to leave certain career activities behind me and evolve my corporate structure away from "business" and make it more specifically a tool of my enlightenment of the universe. I will be reading, thinking, changing and learning at an accelerated rate with the help of this site, books, conversation and observation. Thank you.

Ray Coulombe
Westmount, Quebec Canada - Monday, August 21, 2000 at 12:22:30 (PDT)

| Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
| mi ritrovai per una selva oscura
| ché la diritta via era smarrita.
| Midway upon the journey of our life
| I found myself within a forest dark,
| For the straightforward pathway had been lost.
| Dante Alighieri, 'Inferno', Canto 1.1-3

Jon Awbrey
Rochester Hills, Michigan USA - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 22:09:19 (PDT)
As I wondered through the net I landed on your page. I loved it instantly, I was home. Thank you. I am a 51 year old computer engineer and I can add this bit to your project: Once 22 years ago, I stepped outside of space-time and gained a most unique perspective on the world we live in. My experience was caused by a violent motorcycle accident. So my message is, it appears that in addition to mathematics, we can also gain valuable life changing knowledge through other, yet undefined means. At the time of my accident, my conciousness was aware of the immediate world around me and was able to formulate thoughts, feel emotions, make decisions and observe the movement around the accident scene. Yet when the experience was over and I was back in my body, no time had passed. I was able to measure this fact through several means that were available.
I wanted to share this with you. I very very rarely mention it to anyone.

It was a great pleasure to find your page among the ocean of others.


Cupertino, Ca USA - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 10:25:48 (PDT)
I was ruminating about the passage concerning the depletion of the ozone layer.Think about what HHarp is doing up in Alaska.Lizard technology? Or Orion tech? U tell me.
USA - Friday, October 13, 2000 at 01:28:43 (PDT)

About a decade ago, I wrote (under the penname, Daniel Eden) for the anomaly journal PURSUIT. My interest was higher spatial dimensions as they relate to fortean phenomena, apparitions, ufos, etc. My conclusion is that our 3-D world is locked out of higher space by a physical force that I termed "the barrier". This force locks us into an equilibrium state with respect to greater reality. Small perturbations of our equilibrium can cause us to vibrate in and out of our 3-D world. There is evidence that UFOs, apparitions, and normal physical objects sometimes undergo "barrier oscillation". Best reguards, Daniel Eads

danny eads
jacksonville, ark USA - Friday, October 13, 2000 at 20:53:37 (PDT)

Hi Danny,

I was wondering about you recently. Here is what I wrote to on October 4 to Peter Gersten:


Dear Mr Peter A. Gersten, In the October 3 issue of CAUS HIGHLIGHT I read: "This could explain why a UFO or an entity will appear on one frame of film but not on the next. For example, a UFO in Mexico appeared on two out of every 30 frames of film as it was hovering over a volcano. If the film speed was 30 frames per second then this object was 'barrier oscillating' at a frequency of two hertz. (...) --Danny Eads " Being a theoretical physicist (see my "Quantum Future" web pages at interested in gravity research and anomalous phenomena I am curious to learn more about the research of the author of the above article. While my own research is documented in my list of publications and numerous articles available in technical journals and also on the web - I could not find locate even publication by "Danny Eads". I would appreciate if you can help me to contact the author.


And here is his answer:

I am afraid that I no longer have his address. Peter



Suppose you come to a rock on the moor:

| That may or may not have fallen there
| as a meteorite burrows out of the sky,
| or lava drops cool in a vanished lake.
| That may or may not have rolled there
| on the impulse of a rough-hewn hermit,
| or the reverence of a primitive tribe.
| That may or may not have been crafted
| as an architrave, a bourne, a caltrop,
| a dolmen, an epistyle, a fenestration?

That is the sort of ambiguity that I have been wrestling with,
the type of uncertainty of type that arises in trying to read
the "Book Of Nature" (BON), the unsettling noise that will at
turns shock, surprise, and surround us as we strain to pursue
this "Dialogue Involving Nature" (DIN) as one of its partners.

This is not the brand of sort of type of ambiguity that will be
extinguished by our impoverished attempts to control the speech
of our neighbors, nor would it serve us well even if we succeed.

Jon Awbrey


Jon Awbrey
Rochester Hills, Michigan USA - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 21:57:37 (PDT)
Hint: It's A Well-Known Rock On Tour
Jon Awbrey
- Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 22:07:06 (PDT)
Hi Ark: Regarding the Friday 13th note, use a simple Hooke's Law approximation for the force involved in "barrier oscillation" through our 3D hyperplane. Best wishes to you, Danny
danny eads
jacksonville, AR USA - Wednesday, October 25, 2000 at 12:49:18 (PDT)
This is great real great thanks
OAKLAND, ca USA - Wednesday, October 25, 2000 at 22:44:50 (PDT)

| In Defense of Stones
| For instance, take that stone
| by the guard rail over there. One day
| it will break down into sand, won't it?
| And be mixed with leaves and leached
| by water, oh slowly, but for sure?
| Then won't a root suck it up with its long
| flexible straw, powered by the secret
| green lips of the plant? Won't it suck
| with all the fierce joy it can muster?
| And if the plant were a bean, perhaps I eat
| each pod, feeling the rightness of it,
| and one day this whole stone will be inside me
| and I speak from prior knowledge
| of generations of stones lodged in my gall
| bladder, the knowledge that I too will be ground
| in the dark gizzard of the world.
| I chew this notion over and over, how it happens
| that I could end up food for a rock
| or the rock itself: rigid and grey
| and alone. But maybe stones
| are just another way of living --
| you could say a different style --
| and if only we knew how to listen
| to such enormous or tiny sounds,
| we could hear their low, age-long conversations
| at cliff bottoms or along riverbeds;
| or feel how they embrace life so fiercely
| they batter themselves to bits.
| So I wonder, who is the stubborn one here --
| the boulder in the field refusing to budge
| for anyone, or me in the road,
| arguing with myself, refusing to live?
| Janet MacFadyen, 'In Defense of Stones',
| Heatherstone Press, Sunderland, MA, 1995

Jon Awbrey
Rochester Hills, Michigan USA - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 20:15:36 (PST)

Cassandroid Anxieties Revisited

What It Bides And What It Bodes That Maintaining Bodies Maintain What They Do:
The Inertial Momentum Earnestly (TIME) The Original Momentum Evidently (TOME).

And Now For Something Utterly Indifferent,
A Tale of 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., ? Incapacities.


Simple Simony Met A Meta*Mathematician,
The Aftermath Of That Aftermathematics.

To Wit:

And the Ire came over Cassandra,
And Cassandra went out the City,
And Cassandra came to that Rock,
And thus spake the Rock, I hear:

And why are you thus speaking to a Rock, It says,
And when the State of your City is Dire, It says,

And it is Just your Monu-Mental Agility, She says,
And it is Just your Ex-Orbital Capacity, She says,

And should you not Ride Over Our Moment, It says,
And should you not Ventilate Our Hyphen, It says,

And should you Muse Over Our Reflection, She says,
And Imp Etat "I Travail" As "A Trivial", She says,

And after that they settled down a Bit, I hear,
And after that they counted more Amens, I hear,

And the Rock will be open to criticism, She says,
And the Rock may reflect on its moment, She says,

And still the Men of the City will vie, It says,
And still the Men of the City will die, It says,

And they are Persians all, so they say, She says,
And they are wary of Geeks' boring GIF, She says,

And still the Men of the City will lie, It says,
And still the Men of the City will lie, It says,

And all of that Need need come to pass, She says,
And must pass muster to bear Invention, She says,

And the Rock will be open to criticism, It says,
And the Rock may reflect on its moment, It says,

And that is just Men, the Sphinx knows, She says,
And that is just Ending-Where-He-Begat, It says,
And that is all there is to say, or so, I hear.

Jon Awbrey
21 Nov 2000


Jon Awbrey
Rochester Hills, Michigan USA - Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 19:52:48 (PST)
As a young genius confused by this world and overwhelmed by the incredible array of knowledge, your site has inspired me to not only understand QT, but to seek solutions arising from its inaquacies. I hope to aid you in future.

(iam 17 by the way)

USA - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 00:54:46 (PST)
I have seen this site. Lot of effort has been put up. keep it up.

which is the only site having complete information about India's Export Import Policy, customs matters, Central Excise matters, individual forms and applications for different schemes, facility to file online applications for licences to DGFT, Comprehensive Policy, Procedure along with latest amendments/updates/Circulars and also relevant comments/notes for the user.

India, ma india - Monday, December 18, 2000 at 00:04:59 (PST)
Just thought i'd say hi, just to let you know that i was here.
Tom Knight
O'Brien, Fl USA - Tuesday, January 02, 2001 at 17:54:24 (PST)
I have an academic background that lends to my vocabulary but my interests tend to go in many given directions. I have always been interested in cryptozoology, ancient religions, cities and unexplained phenomenon. My clearance level has allowed me to view many things other people are not privy to and my eyes and mind are being constantly expanded by things. There was a time I did not believe in UFO's and things that go bump in the night but exposure has torn that away a long time ago. I have also been in many places in Southeast Asia as a soldier and have seen many things now claimed by the jungle in Cambodia and Laos.
On later excursions in Latin America as a "tourist" I had the pleasure of walking around other forgotten sites and caught the bug of curiosity. I never thought of Atlantis as
anything more than a quote in a book by Socrates or a song by "Donovon" but the similarities were too close to be just chance. Thanks to the www, I found many other linkages of past present and future dealing with dead zones, spirit realms and lost civilizations....too much to believe/ nor disbelieve. As I said, my clearance has allowed me to see impossible things so how can I be judgemental. Like anyone who has walked and seen things I just seek answers...for I always have more questions than answers.... I shall never answer them all but it is nice to know I am not alone on this quest...I did 4 tours on the great Asian vacation and had the pleasure of walking areas where not even Uncle Sam would admit nor the Christians In Action....but the journey allowed me many a night in ancient places claimed by
the jungle, the rats and the cobras. I would sit at night and ponder who had built them and what secrets it held. Later in Guatamala, I saw again such similar structures and forgotten temples. Since then I have read much on Atlantis and find much feasible information pointing in that direction. Answers never presented themselves and years later I still am puzzled by all these things. Being involved in studying ancient religions taught me nothing as each new generation buries the last. Exposure to classified material on individuals not born on this blue marble opens another door that could add to all of this. If Einstein were true, they could be here in a heartbeat while we have been here for millenia....again, so many questions. Forgotten totemples in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Guatamala, Nicaragua, San Salvador, extraterrestrials, parrallel universes, folds in time and space.....I sometimes
feel so infinitly microscopic and insecure about how little I know. We weave ancient beliefs, modern science and play a bizzare form of blind-man's bluff as we stumble around.
If all had a piece of the puzzle and would join me...perhaps we will never sleep again if we have the answers...but I'd like the option...Religion was created and written by those with hidden agendas all their with the laws we live by. It is not for those who
make the rules but for those who live within the circle they create. What have I learned that I can admit to? First, we are not alone, have not been for a long time. Second, we did not evolve here. Thirdly, time and space are only words. We know nothing and that is acceptable to those in their guilded towers who think they rule but still answer to others....for "nobody" fits the criteria of being irreplaceable. The smallest slip will classify you as a risk and "poof" never existed, no records, birth, life....gone in the blink of an eye. Finally, there is nothing we can do to deal with what we may eventually
know. I have dug far too deep and this is the total of my results. I could easily detail my findings and breach security on all fronts but my existence would be worthless and those near me would also not be worth a hill of beans even though they know less than nothing. I chose long ago not to have any friends because I found it too painful seeing them buried. Hence, I choose to have no friends or close aquaintences and live a solitary existence and
occasionally vent anonomously on things beyond what normal people are exposed to. It allows me to at least scream at the silence that surrounds me as people walk calmly around with eyes closed and believe the newspapers over coffee or the evening news. I can only sit here and shake my head in total helplessness and say nothing.....

Love, Laughter and Bright Blessings...


USA - Thursday, January 04, 2001 at 11:35:28 (PST)
I've never signed a guestbook before. But the special incidents keep mounting.I'm now beginning to recall certain incidents. Shortly before I began intensely reading your material I had an intense Des jeax vous experience. It was so strong that I felt my flesh tremble for several seconds.I paid it no mind! When I got to section eight,particularly the part about the observations you made on the school children, I was flabbergasted and horrified. If I recall accurately when I got to section 9 I received 5 separate 'ringing in the ears' IN THE SAME DAY! I learned many years ago to do math problems like simple multiplication so I won't be monitered.The 5th time did mental math and said out loud "Go to hell!".I've been searching for answers my entire life (many, many hours of reading .)It's coming together now. I'm under attack physically now. My blood pressure is up and will not come down. Maybe I will survive, maybe I won't. But I will have in my memory banks this knowledge. I'm reviewing my life and the steps I took in acquiring knowledge. It would seem that these were preparatory steps to this stage. Where in NC is a Reiki teacher? Maybe that's my next step in healing myself?
Vondrette T. Parker
LaGrange, NC USA - Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 17:41:36 (PST)
Riedt's First Lorentz Rebuttal

To explain the null result of the Michelson-Morley experiment, Fitzgerald, Lorentz and others postulated a length contraction of objects in motion by a factor of
sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2)) in the direction of the motion.

However, the same effect is achieved by a width expansion of the object by a factor of sqrt(1+(v^2/c^2)) perpendiclar to the direction of motion.

Length contraction and width expansion are equally justifiable and both cases explain the absence of the predicted fringe shift.

Two of the possibilities for the null effect in the experiment are therefore:

1. The generally accepted theory of length contraction.

2. My proposal of width expansion instead.

However, as these two exclude each other, neither can exist.
The true explanation is given by Riedt's Second Lorentz Rebuttal. This will be published in the future.
Peter Riedt

Peter Riedt
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 00:28:55 (PST)
I am a 52 year old black female__ born and raised in the bible-belt south.I've been a member of CAC for 22 years. I have a BS in Chemistry and a MA in Secondary Education Chemistry,2 years chemistry and research, 1 year education. I teach Integrated Science and Biology at a facility for adjudicated youth_____EXHAUSTING, but I feel that I should be there. I lucked on this site from CAC___ an information section about interesting web sites. I'm at 12c of The Wave___OH GOD IT'S SO MUCH!!! I'm having a tough go with the Quantum mechanics and Physics, but I'll do my best. My previous readings in the past have prepared me for this step; therefore, most topics are not new or foreign. I will mostly read others input.
Vondrette Taylor Parker
LaGrange, NC USA - Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 09:15:06 (PST)
A note worthy site, unbiased and exceptionally informative. Please continue to add more information! Thank you :)
Michael Karwowski
Venetia, PA USA - Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 13:26:44 (PST)
Thank you all for your spreading the word to some interested parties! "Break the boundaries--see the skies that no-one sees unless they have stretched!"--Dorothy Lyra Joyce "Our segmented globe with its phony boundaries seen with blinders on."--D.L.J. "When what's borne is born into a transcendent place, we have gold from lead."--D.L.J.
Dorothy Lyra Joyce
Douglaston, N.Y. USA - Thursday, February 01, 2001 at 19:01:46 (PST)
Just surfing around. Found your GB, so I thought I would add a line:)
Tim Pashly
San Diego, California USA - Thursday, February 15, 2001 at 10:46:28 (PST)
Very interesting material. At the very least, a imagination expansion.
Scott Ellis
Dallas, TX USA - Monday, February 26, 2001 at 15:24:50 (PST)
WANTED: Come back in time.!
Building a team for time travel. Funded by a rich Australian researcher, looking for people with experience in background's of
1. Astro physic's
2. telecommunication
4. IT
and 5. military is preferable.
Lots of fun and excitement but safety is not guaranteed.
This is not a joke! I have done this once before.
Must bring own weapons. Will get paid back on return to the present(2001).
Email for interview ASAP

P.S last mission i lost the machine driver Calso Marques. have you seen him

Ox Man
Australia - Tuesday, March 06, 2001 at 21:11:00 (PST)
Greetings from Finland.

Jari Peltonen
Tampere, FINLAND - Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 10:12:21 (PST)
Love the site! Visit our site at - the home of Canada's Number One paranormal talkshow - THE 'X'ZONE - which is broadcast live from the facilities of 103.7 FM CFBU - Niagara, Canada. You can also recieve your complimentary copy of THE 'X' CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER Electronic Edition at Dare to believe - dare to be heard!
Rob McConnell
St Catharines, ON Canada - Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 20:36:27 (PST)
I have read most of the material about the C's and find it both fascinating and provocative in the best sense of the word. Hope you keep up the good work. Best wishes.
Omar Arnason
Iceland - Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 09:37:57 (PDT)
I don't know if this is of any use,(you probably know already)but Work on egoism can never have been done in the "past" as it were.This is why the 'smell' around something like Scientologia,where this important point is not understood,is so bad.A deeper analysis of what is contained in All and Everything I find most profitable,and is most like the Cassiopeans talking seventy years ago!
John Mikietyn
Edinburgh, Scotland - Monday, April 09, 2001 at 02:06:27 (PDT)
my compliments on an impressive site . i'll be sure to visit again . thank you .
The Ancient One
hamilton, on canada - Monday, April 09, 2001 at 10:33:10 (PDT)
Hats off Ark, I love your site & everything
that it represents. Because of you & Laura I have a strong desire
to learn & understand, first stop? Physics!!!

Lancaster, canada - Monday, April 30, 2001 at 19:00:49 (PDT)
Hats off Ark, I love your site & everything
that it represents. Because of you & Laura I have a strong desire
to learn & understand, first stop? Physics!!!

Lancaster, canada - Monday, April 30, 2001 at 19:01:08 (PDT)
Hats off Ark, I love your site & everything
that it represents. Because of you & Laura I have a strong desire
to learn & understand, first stop? Physics!!!

Lancaster, canada - Monday, April 30, 2001 at 19:01:18 (PDT)

Hello, Interesting stuff you're into "there". I wonder what you think about the sub-quantum fluctuation theory of Dr. Paul LaViolette? It sounds as though his theory extends the Heisenburg uncertainty principle to an extent that breaches the first "Law" of thermodynamics and results in the recognition that there are no closed systems. It also seems to coincide with the tenet that all is consciousness, in addition to providing an explaination for the huge Mayan and Hindu calander cycles which we are supposedly seeing the end of in the very near future. Something about his theory just "feels right", if only because it seems to allow for a lot that conventional science denies. Or is that just the old anti-authority wishfull thinking again?
Arcata, Ca. USA - Wednesday, May 02, 2001 at 18:48:44 (PDT)

Ark: What you call a "theory" does not, in my opinion, deserve this name. (What I know is his little booklet. ) To have a theory, certain rather stringent scientific standards need to be satisfied. I would call it an "idea" rather than a theory. There are hundreds if not thousands of ideas that "feel right".

Hello, Is anybody awake there or are you all lost in dreamland? For your information MR. Jadczyk, Dr. Paul A. LaViolette recieved his B.A. in Physics from Johns Hopkins Univ., An MBA from the Univ. of Chicago, and a Phd. from Portland State Univ. He has authored several well- recieved books and written more articles and papers than I can begin to count. He was the first person to predict high-intensity volleys of cosmic ray particles from deep space; prediction confirmed. His sub-quantum kinetics theory has resulted in predictions of galactic evolution which have been confirmed by Hubble Space Telescope observations. His discovery of high concentrations of cosmic dust particles in Ice Age polar ice samples supported the thesis of galactic core explosions and have been supported by observations by the Ulyssess spacecraft and by radar installations in New Zealand. His planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relatioinships powered by spontaneous energy creation through photon blue-shifting led to the successfullprediction of the mass-luminosity of the first brown dwarf star discovered. He holds two patents on life-support rebreathing apparatus and is the President of the Starburst Foundation, an interdisciplinary research group. In January of 2000 he spoke at the American Astronomy Society in Atlanta. Afterwards, some 2/3's of the attendees said they were open to consider the evidence about galactic core super-wave explosions. Numerous independant research efforts have produced evidence which supports his work; even from scientists who didn't even KNOW of him yet. He has worked for the United Nations, the Greek government, the Club of Rome, and the Harvard School of Public Health., and is listed in the Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering. The web site which descibes his publications, books and many of the verifications, concordances, and successfull predictions is: Oh by the way Mr. Jadczyk, what are YOUR accomplishments? You mentioned that you base your cynical ridicule for Dr. LaViolette on some sort of pamphlet... is THAT what you consider an appropriate example of scientific method leading to YOUR notion of what a theory is??? How often it is that great minds face ridicule from those of tender and sensitive, need I say JEALOUS, egos?
Ca. USA - Thursday, May 03, 2001 at 13:22:47 (PDT)

Dear Bruce,

FYI, here is an extract from my email to Dr Paul La Violette:


Date sent: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 23:06:56 -0400

Dear Paul,
I think I will start with going again through your little book. I started to read it a year or so ago, but now I have another reason to go through it and see if I can add something to it. Absolute space/time does not worry me, as I wrote couple of papers on Newtonian/Galilei general relativity, so I know what kind of geometry it involves and how easy is to get agreement with experiments. You are right about Lorentz transformations - it is just enough to reinterpret them. Einstein relativity plus a distinguished vector field brings us back to Galilei/Newton relativity. I have some problems with consistency of your assumptions in 1.3.1, but that is not so important. What is important is how much one can get from the model. But what worries me a little bit, is your taking of "time" as given. I think we can not have a really fundamental theory without explaining "time" in some way. But that may come in some later stage. When building reaction-diffusion model on a discrete lattice (if only for a computer simulation), we can either use synchronuous updates, or asynchronous updates. In the latter case global "average time" will arrise out of independent "elementary clocks" communicating via the input/output exchange. ark


To which he answered that

"Dear Arkadiusz,
Regarding the two papers in the SQK book, the 1980 paper was just an oral presentation and the 1985 papers were incorporated into the book; see source notes on p. viii and ix. "


I proposed my help in developing SQK, but he replied that he is at present busy writing a new book. I am not undermining in any way his acomplishments. What I said is that the material presented in Subquantum Kinetics is a collection of ideas, not a THEORY. There are no other technical papers on the subject, since, as Dr La Violette wrote to me:

Date sent: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 23:29:35 EDT
Subject: Re: Projects.spml
Dear Arkadiusz,
Thank you for your interesting email. All of the technical papers I have published on subquantum kinetics have been combined into a book entitled Subquantum Kinetics. (...) You seem to have quite an impressive list of publications. I also found your posting about the wave interesting. It will take me a while to read through all the material.


Then he expressed his critical views on The Wave

"Also the 'wave. phenomenon you learned of through the Cassiopeians is different from the superwave concept and difficult to understand because of its vague description."

and also his opinion that my take on physics is too rigid:

"You seem to accept the idea of black holes, general relativity, reverse time flow, and reverse time quantum interconnectedness. These concepts are incompatible with subquantum kinetics. "

I mostly agree with his statements. With one addition only: the "Event Enhanced Quantum Theory" that I developed in a series of papers with Ph. Blanchard (notice that I am using the term "theory" here) is not assuming "reverse time quantum interconnectedness". It deals from the start with the idea that for anything to "happen" - we need to deal with open systems and with irreversible dynamics.

Back to Subquantum Kinetics: For an idea, even an iteresting one, to become a "theory" - lot of work needs to be done. Concerning Subquantum Kinetics, this work is still ahead of us.


It is only through the EMPTINESS that all is revealed.
Nothing is no thing and in being such it arises and becomes
Something.If there be ETERNITY and INFINITY then in REALITY
their state of being makes them FINITE.For the fact that
they exist makes them impermanent.

AKL, AK NZL - Saturday, May 05, 2001 at 06:11:07 (PDT)
my compliments on your site. i found it very entertaining. thank you.
The Ancient One
hamilton, on canada - Friday, May 11, 2001 at 06:25:25 (PDT)
Your information are useful for me !!. You may visit Bali and have a nice day man..!

Denpasar, Bali Indonesia - Thursday, June 07, 2001 at 02:01:31 (PDT)
This is a very organised and informative site, the artwork
is good. I am researching life in the middle east and asia,
and the history behind the Kabala, QT and QM are a little
out of my field, :^).

Emporia, Ks USA - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 09:23:31 (PDT)
Hi, Arkadi,
It is sure good to see you still around on the net after not having had any contact with you for more than 3 years. Seila and I hope you are doing fine in Florida.

Reni Sentana-Ries
Edmonton, AB Canada - Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 13:19:30 (PDT)
Hi, Arkadi,
It is sure good to see you still around on the net after not having had any contact with you for more than 3 years. Seila and I hope you are doing fine.

Reni Sentana-Ries
Edmonton, AB Canada - Sunday, June 17, 2001 at 13:21:28 (PDT)
I am concerned about you where are you/ or shall I say how are you?
lansing , MI USA - Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 10:10:57 (PDT)
A very interesting site - thanks and keep up the good work!
NYC, NY USA - Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at 08:29:29 (PDT)
At this moment “THAT” is all there is

Listen as you fail to hear my words
I will say this but once
Over and over again
For I am shy in my boldness

I scream in loud silence
With humble arrogance
That I am He who gives Birth to All
The Goddess Demon, SELF

I am ashamed of my shamelessness
As I Sin in Righteousness
Constantly waging war while remaining at peace
Yet walking with my head held high in honorable disgrace

I am greedy in my want of nothing
As I wallow in this wealth in the midst of my poverty
Still I possess Knowledge of truth for I am ignorant and know nothing
For this reason I do not allow my Wisdom to obscure my Stupidity

I fear my confidence and security fearlessly
Alas this clarity is confusing
I am aware that my dream is reality is a dream
Hence I rejoice in my despair

I find I am strong in this weakened state
As I look at nothing yet see Everything
For as I close my eyes I see that they are open.
It is "NOW" this very moment this is so.

Listen for I will scream this in silence only one more time...again...and again

Chaz 2001

Oak Park, Ca USA - Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 13:20:01 (PDT)
You wanna spend a nice evening with Pamela Anderson? Yes ? Go to and find out how.
ca, california USA - Thursday, July 05, 2001 at 04:30:07 (PDT)
My reasearch group has discovered most of the arythmetic answers to the quandries you seem to be facing.To include the 'quantum knot'and many others.
However, you would need to be brought up to speed as to where we are at.
To do so will require a college level study that we do offer.
I am in agreement with a lot of what is stated, but there is much more to all this than is presented here.
I do like the site,and intend to visit it for both clarification, and enligtening those who are interested.

Drake Bailey
Mooresville, In USA - Thursday, July 05, 2001 at 05:52:43 (PDT)
"Man will do many things to get himself loved; he will do all things to get himself envied." -Mark Twain
Jenny Simpson
Hoboken, NJ USA - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 12:34:34 (PDT)
"Not all of those to whom we do good love us, neither do all those to whom we do evil hate us." - Joseph Roux
Jenny Simpson
Hoboken, NJ USA - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 12:35:04 (PDT)
I´m a lacanian-freudian psycoanalist, I´ve studied befora elecronic enegeneering, and I was, many years ago very intrested on physics and realtivity, I had a great teacher: Dr. Igor Saavedra.
Today Im intersted on the toplogy of the Unconcscient, and therefore I would like to know bibliography about the sturcture of the Universe, hopefully drawings of the possible concerning of Moebius, Klein´s and other representations. ¿Is there any link between topolgy and physics laws, not only gravitational?. I need some orientation, please answer me.

Pablo Grosz
Santiago, USA - Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 10:34:39 (PDT)
I´m a lacanian-freudian psycoanalist

Pablo Grosz
Santiago, Chile - Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 10:36:54 (PDT)
Nice site...
USA - Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 16:40:13 (PDT)
Very nice site,you all are doing a great job. keep up the good wook!!!

The AllStarBody Team.

orlando, fl USA - Thursday, August 23, 2001 at 13:22:39 (PDT)
That was interesting. Thanks!
Andrew Jones
USA - Sunday, September 02, 2001 at 18:22:32 (PDT)
Liked the site. Thanks!
Felicia Boutin
Toronto, ON Canada - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 14:07:55 (PDT)
Thank you for having this site.
Nevenko Kucko
Zagreb, Croatia - Wednesday, September 12, 2001 at 16:27:41 (PDT)
A Positive comment on Phipps paper
(about total derivative of time).
The papers of Chubykalo and Smirnov-Rueda
show that Maxwell equations
(with partial time derivatives) lead to inconsistancies while
treating a moving point charge. The reaons: the functions that
describes the charge density of such a charge is
explicit time-dependent.
The solution: replace the partial time dependence for the
total time-dependence. This also restores the immediate
action-at-a-distance concept.

It is remarkable that there are two unrelated problems
(how to deal with invariance consistantly, and how
to deal with time-explicit charge-density functions)
that have exactly the same solution.

Friendly regards,
Koen van Vlaenderen

Koen van Vlaenderen
The Hague, The Netherlands - Thursday, September 13, 2001 at 05:39:42 (PDT)
love this site
tony <>
San Clemente, CA USA -
We are conducting Sweat Lodge Ceremony see Centers at
Darrel Hallbick <>
i wondered why your web site turned up in my web search foReni-setana- ries? what do you know of her? could i find out more about her and Reinhard Mueller.My e-mail address is thank you
henry kissinger <henrykissinger666>
Good job! Your site is great!
United States -
Very nice site! Your site is interesting!
Dalles, TX United States -
Hi <>
Faraday Cage
Posted: Oct. 15, 2001

We "own" land and are trying to come up with a house – with a mobile/mfg. house way down on the list. One suggestion recently made was buy a metal barn kit, but finish out inside as a house. Would this be a "safe" house to live in any length of time, what with metal frame, metal siding, metal roof? Would it create a "Faraday cage" and, if so, is that a concern? (We would not put it on a concrete slab, but rather a pier and beam foundation with wood floor.) Thanks again for all your wonderful work, and patience with all our questions! –Frances

Stewart’s Reply: This would not be a Faraday Cage, but it is okay for living. Safety is a result of the mind-pattern, not a building. Thank you for your supportive comments.

Webmaster’s Comment: A Faraday Cage does not necessarily block out ELF or other electromagnetic waves, even if the cage is made entirely of copper. The best known means of blocking electromagnetic effects is with something called Mu metal. Mu metal is very expensive compared to copper, and even Mu metal does not necessarily work in all cases.

Achilles <>
Plattsburgh, NY USA -
Good job! Thanks!
Gary Shafer <>
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Good web with cool info. Thanks.
Everd Linten <>
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You will be hearing from me soon. Thanks
Milton Lewis <>
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I misspelled my email address on my last mail to you. Anyways, keep the site up!
Eldon Barclay <>
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Hi from Canada!
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Hello from Big Apple! I think you guys are great!
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neat. i like the site.
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Great. Thanks!
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Hi there! I just bumped into your site, and I kind of enjoyed it. Keep it up! :-) Take care!
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Cool Site. Wish there were more like this one on the Net.
Ron Reisebericht <>
I like this site. Keep it up!
Leanne Collins <>
Oakville, ON Canada -

Hi Ark. where might the fastest link to the current work you are doing with time travel be? i have something i would like to share but want to review what you have done so far so i am ot repeating something
casey <>
laguna beach , casey USA -

Ark: Even if you are repeating something something - it is still worthwhile! It is good when many people attack the same problem independently. Also, scientists do not talk about their work until they are sure that they are not on a wrong way. As you may know Faraday, before inventing the bulb, had to discover 999 ways how not to make the bulb. Thus it is quite normal for a scientist, or for an inventor, to make a working hypothesis, and to reject it when it is not working - as many times as it is necessary - until it works. Einstein, in his later years, was not, IMHO, setting a good example here by publishing his half-baked unified field theories, some with errors. But we can undertand his reason: being so famous he was under psychological pressure to produce the solution to the hardest problem of all times.

This page is nice. ;) Just kidding!

I have been reading the transcripts on Laura's and your websites. I am by no means finished, but I find the material very intriguing to say the least. It doesn't take one very long to determine that the internet is a place where one can be totally swamped with disinformation and manipulation sold as the real bill of goods, with so many people claiming to have the inside scoop. One must really keep a skeptical and questioning stance while gathering information.

However, that said, I don't get the sense that your intentions are anything other than what you and Laura claim them to be, To learn and tell the Truth, what ever that may be. It is gratifying to find a professional physicist with your credentials taking a stance against "accepted" academia and showing integrity and the courage to think "outside of the box" in such a public way.

It is my opinion that the questions which you are seeking to answer will prove to be the most fundamental and will have the most far-reaching consequences for humanity.

Without going into any detail, I will say that I know from experience that the attacks Laura speaks of from some outside, unseen force are real, whatever that means. Those of us who strive to be STO are under attack. I knew this for a long time, I could sense that I was the focus of some unwanted attention, but until happening upon Laura's Cassiopaea transcripts, I didn't know the source of these attacks. Now I do! That knowledge gives me the power to oppose and to never give in.

I don't like bullies, and that's what is happening to us. We are being bullied. When you are aware that you are being bullied, that it's not just coincidence or your imagination, then you can make an informed choice to oppose. Free will. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. Thanks Laura. My best to you and Ark.

Joe <My Email >
KY USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 12:45:28 (MST)
"Not all of those to whom we do good love us, neither do all those to whom we do evil hate us." - Joseph Roux
Tim <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Monday, February 11, 2002 at 13:16:07 (MST)
Hello! I read some of your page and found your guestbook. I figured I would sign it.. "Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example." Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
Tim <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Monday, February 11, 2002 at 13:16:09 (MST)
Where there is mind, there is an objective.
Where there is heart, there is peace.
Where there is emotion, there is spirituality.
When all 3 are present, creativity shall come
forth deep from within you. The you that is
connected to the universal knowledge. Let
go of all belief systems, and open up to
the womb, only those who can hear her
will understand her mysteries, those
who reject her, shall grow old with-
out wisdom.

Vesta <>
Rome, - Friday, February 15, 2002 at 15:37:44 (MST)
it's amazing what you find just surfing around.
Buddy <>
none, none USA - Friday, February 22, 2002 at 17:09:12 (MST)
it's amazing what you find just surfing around.
Buddy <>
none, none USA - Friday, February 22, 2002 at 17:09:17 (MST)
thank you for filling in the blanks of my life,your site
has info that I could really relate wife and I have vissions all our life but could'nt quite figure them out!
we knew something was about to happen I just hope were are in time to do something about it!maybe now I'll let it happen!! thanks agin ,Duane

Duane White <>
Las vegas, nv USA - Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 07:02:45 (MST)

Thank you. I like most of what you have done.
UEARS DESIGN <leroy-at-reuters.ur>
Context: I arrived here by reading an article by Thomas Phipps (Axis Calibration, Infinite Energy, Vol 7, 38, 2000)which I found interesting and refreshing. From there, I sought to find his email address and so conducted a search of the internet. One of the listings took me to this site, specifically a file containing email exchanges between Jack and Ark, and between Ark and Thomas Phipps. I thought I might give you my reactions to that dialogue and came to the guestbook. Before entering my comments, I scrolled through the existing comments to learn that there is a whole lot more to this site -- which I have not, as yet, examined. Anyway, ..... (also, I am not competent in math or physics)
Comments: As I said above, I enjoyed Phipps paper (didn't have too much math so I could follow it) and elected to see what others thought about it. At first, it seemed to me that Ark was deliberate in intention to "take Phipps to task." The nature of the questions seemed to be designed to unsettle the poor man rather than gain an understanding of what he was trying to demonstrate. If I was sincere in trying to understand someone's work, I would certainly go about it differently. I would, for example, share my own thoughts and interpretations somewhat to help the other get me back on track. It seems that Phipps came to the same conclusion Ark's inquiries and beg off.
Fortunately, I kept on reading (it was difficult because each forwarded email repeated all the prior correspondence, which at times included three parties). The dialog really became useful as Jack and Ark continued discussions, and Jack challenged the verity of some of Ark's objections. Yes, Ark's inquiries to Phipps were disguised objections. They sorted out the real difficulties from the trivial. Then, they moved on to new territories of possibilities and it seemed they might actually render a testable hypothesis. Just a little further, guys!
What I gain from this is: Phipps has made a contribution of some merit (maybe less than his claim, I haven't read the book they discussed) by virtue of the testable hypothesis Jack and Ark almost derived (it's just around the corner). Second, the type of dialog engaged between Ark and Phipps does not take us forward. One of the parties was not honest. The type of dialog between Ark and Jack is exactly what advances our understanding. Both are honest with each other, one is very enthusiastic and the other is discerningly cautious, but open minded and contributory to solving the problem.
I'll be back to check more this site.

Barry Nazar <>
Grantville, PA USA - Monday, March 11, 2002 at 01:52:24 (MST)

Ark: Thanks for letting me know about your impressions. In fact I did not expected them to be that "positive"
toward me from someone like you who didn't read the book. The devil is always in the details. And that is why I posted the exchange - mainly for those who can follow the details, that is interested theoretical physicists. This way there is a chance that I will get some response and I will be most happy if somebody will point to me and convince me that I was wrong. The main thing in science is get to the truth. And getting to the truth involving being, sometimes, merciless in finding holes, defects and inconsistencies in the published theories.

Christos Tsolkas <>
Agrinion , Greece - Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 10:42:08 (MST)
Hi Ark,
I hope all is well and you are happy :-) . My friend grew up in Poland and was sharing with me a couple reasons why people raised there differ from Americans. He told me that in Poland his mother would become excited and that it was big news that on Friday she would be able to get the family new pairs of black socks. This little story he shared reminded me of you and Laura, and how lucky she is to have such a steadfast and strong person in her life to protect her. Knowledge protects; and so does a steadfast no bullshit quantum mechanic who grew up in a country where a new pair of socks is a family highlight ;-)
p.s. did you hear they are coming out with the final batman (dark knight) stories?
p.p.s. if ever you or Laura will be in southern California please drop me a line. it seems that my guest book messages relating to time and vision have been mysteriously lost/blocked?
p.p.p.s. a family member of mine married a quantum physicist (you guys are geniuses) when visiting recently I found out that his physics work has been put aside because he was contracted to study and write a book on gothic spires. lol lol I guess the study of things quantum inevitably causes one to live in more than one time.....interesting side effect :-)

Casey <>
laguna beach, casey USA - Monday, April 01, 2002 at 00:36:33 (MST)
This is great stuff! Keep it up.  
Lynne Parkhurst <>
Fresno, CA USA - Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 11:34:02 (MDT)
bulicante <>
USA - Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 16:26:40 (EDT)
I would like to let you that the main answer to your questions is very simply. The answer is:
be honest in order to be great and leading.

Alex <>
USA - Monday, October 21, 2002 at 02:12:49 (EDT)
Very good webpage you have here, and best greetings to all your visitors.

Akranes, ICELAND - Monday, October 28, 2002 at 21:44:41 (EST)
Interesting reading! Some of your concepts and ideas are a tad mind-boggling, but then again, all things are possible!! Keep up the great work. Im looking forward to the return visit. *C*
Australia - Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 11:29:12 (EST)
nice site.
Web Hosting <>
USA - Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 01:47:40 (EST)
I've read, but I can't say I comprehend your posts to sci.physics.research. There is a lot I don't understand. It was a pleasure for me to discover you have several other sides here at your website. Converting the ineffable into crude models and then speech and then into mathematics -- unspeakable into speakable -- that is the task.

I wish you well in your Quantum Future project.

Ralph Frost <ralph-at-...>
Brookston, IN USA - Friday, November 15, 2002 at 06:43:26 (EST)
great site! best wishes! Ralf Schumacher
FL, SH Deutschland - Friday, December 13, 2002 at 05:37:57 (EST)
nice site
Stuttgart, Germany - Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 00:36:22 (EST)
This is a very interesting website, I have added it in my favourites. If you want, you can visit my page too. Keep up the good work. Greetings David from
USA - Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 14:58:04 (EST)
Dear Laura and Ark,
After discovering your site last summer, I find that, among the many sites I frequent,this is the one I keep coming back to for inspiration and learning. And through your forthright sharing of your life/spiritual journeys I feel as if I know you personally. So please don't think me ungrateful or forward for making a request! There are so so many informative articles on your Signs page, as well as the site itself, that I wish I could forward to friends, but there's no forwarding option in place. Perhaps you have a reason for not including one, but maybe you just haven't thought it necessary. Being one who hasn't figured out yet how to set up the answering machine, I'm not too abashed to ask if you would consider adding a "send this article/page/site" option? Also, I've been flirting with the idea of buying Ancient Science and opened the page to order it. But the new bookstore doesn't give a dollar amount. Please let me know total cost of purchase and shipping so that I cam place my order. In this small way I wish to add my support to your efforts. Once more, not a day goes by without me feeling deep gratitude for your tireless efforts to spread information and encourage the use of critical thought. Please stay the course and know many others support you quietly from the wings. Margie

Marjorie Colbert <>
Manheim, PA USA - Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at 04:44:16 (CEST)

Hi, your web-cite is nice. I find a few interesting information on it.I from Russia & i like this web resurs too much. Good Luck:)))
Igor Samus <>
Severomorsk, Russia - Saturday, August 07, 2004 at 22:40:11 (CEST)

Sierpien 9, 2004

Ministra Edukacji Narodowej i Sportu,
Miroslawa Sawickiego

Szanowny Panie Ministrze:

Za wstawiennictwem mgr. inz. Krystyny Wojciechowskiej, Glownego Informatyka Instytutu Reumatologicznego w Warszawie, w dniu 27 lipca br. otrzymalem z Biblioteki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego kopie ksiazki pt. ZYCIE JEST SWIATLEM, autorstwa dr hab. Wlodzimierza Sedlaka, wydanej przez Instytut Wydawniczy PAX w 1985 r. Jak poinformowala mnie sluzba biblioteczna USA, ksiazka ta nigdzie nie jest dostepna, aczkolwiek porusza tematy naukowe o miedzynarodowym znaczeniu, tym wiekszym, ze Stephen Hawking zrezygnowal z gloszenia teorii o niemozliwosci ucieczki swiatla z tzw. Czarnych Dziur (Black Holes), czym podwazyl wiarygodnosc Wielkiego Wybuchu (Big Bang) dajacego poczatek Wszechswiatu.

Tylko w trzech rozdzialach: REALIZM I MISTYKA PRZYRODY, HABILITACYJNA SCIANA PLACZU oraz ELEKTROMAGNETYCZNA ARCHITEKTURA, znalazlem sformulowania, ktore raczej nalezy przypisac na niekorzysc Instytutu Wydawniczego PAX, bowiem przedstawiaja autora w bardzo zlym swietle. Bedac w wieku zaawansowanym mogl nie dostrzec korektorskich, badz merytorycznych potkniec.

Analiza tylko tych trzech rozdzialow nasuwa koniecznosc ponownego wydania ksiazki w celu uratowania podwazonego autorytetu wybitnego naukowca w dziedzinie bioelektroniki i rozleglego jej rozpowszechniania w szkolnictwie polskim, takze w tlumaczeniu na jezyki obce, szczegolnie ze bedac autobiografia autora posiada wysokie walory dydaktyczne, jako ze jest przekrojem srodowisk w ktorych sie obracal.

Jesli chodzi o rozdz. SCIANA PLACZU, to podwaza nie tylko proces habilitacyjny, ile wysoka renome Katolickiego Universytetu Lubelskiego, na ktorym proces przebiegal.

Wszystko to domaga sie rewizji przez kompetentne przedstawicielstwa Nauki Polskiej. Naprzyklad, w PLACZU jest twierdzenie, ze rozprawa habilitacyjna autora prowadzona byla na poziomie nizszym od magisterskiego.

Nie wypada, zeby naukowiec tej miary co Wlodzimierz. Sedlak byl DOBITY POSMIERTNIE poniewaz poswiecil swe zycie SWIATLU ZALAMANEMU W KRYSZTALE CZASU i Wolnosci.

Z wyrazami powazania i pytaniem, kto w Polsce kontynuuje prace Sedlaka – Wieslaw Czajkowski.

K/o: 1. W/w mgr.inz. z prosba o nadanie nin.emaliowi formalnego biegu;
2. Nacz. Dyrektor Instytutu Reumatologicznego; 3. Inni zainteresowani.

Das neue Bewußtsein verbreitet sich nicht nur in Nordamerika und Westeuropa, sondern auch in Osteuropa regen sich neue Denkweisen und ganzheitliche, ökologische Impulse. Es steigt dort auch stark das Interesse für Esoterik, Parapsychologie, Radiästhesie und Paramedizin. Zu den osteuropäischen Ländern, wo diese Tendenz am frühersten zu beobachten war, gehört Polen.
Paradigmenwechsel in der Wissenschaft
Eines der Zeichen des neuen Zeitalters ist der Paradigmenwechsel in der Wissenschaft. Zu den führenden polnischen Wissenschaftlern, der alte Denkweisen aufzubrechen versuchte, wird der 1993 verstorbene Prof. Wlodzimierz Sedlak, Geistlicher und Dozent für theoretische Biologie an der Katholischen Universität in Lublin aufgezählt. Er versuchte im tiefsten Sinne des Ausdruckes die spirituelle und wissenschaftliche Weltanschauung, die bisher als gegensätzlich galt, zu verbinden. Der polnische Geistliche und Wissenschaftler hat den Termin "Bioplasma" 1967 in die Fachliteratur eingeführt. An der Katholischen Universität in Lublin wurde speziell für seine interdisziplinären Forschungen der Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Biologie und Ihre Grenzgebiete gebildet. In seinen Arbeiten behauptete Prof. Sedlak, Organismus als biochemisches System kann ohne elektromagnetische Felder nicht existieren. Alle Lebensprozesse sind dank des Bioplasmas möglich. Es ist - nach seinen Forschungen - eine Art ionisiertes Gas nuklearen Ursprungs, eine unzerstörbare Lebensenergie, die als indisches Prana oder chinesisches Ch'i verstanden werden kann. Bioplasma emittiert ständig elektromagnetische Wellen im Gestalt von Biophotonen. Als einer der ersten hat Prof. Sedlak vorgeschlagen, das Funktionieren des Organismus nicht allein physiologisch und biochemisch, sondern auch bioelektronisch zu verstehen. Die Krankheit war - nach seinen Ansichten - Zerstörung des elektromagnetischen Gleichgewichtes. Er glaubte, in der baldigen Zukunft wird die Diagnosestellung durch die Messung der Veränderungen und Unregelmigkeiten der Biofeldemission der kranken Organe möglich. Prof. Sedlak hat ebenso "bioelektronische" Anthropologie entwickelt. Der Mensch wird oft in seinen Arbeiten "homo electronicus" genannt. Das menschliche Bewußtsein, das - nach ihn - ein elektromagnetisches Feld ähnelt, ist im Evolutionsprozeß auf einer bestimmten Entwicklungsstufe entstanden. Wenn der Mensch - so Prof. Sedlak - seine Verbundenheit mit den Energien des Kosmos entdeckt, wird er "homo cosmicus". Der bioplasmatische "homo electronicus" wird seine Unsterblichkeit zum Bewutsein bringen, indem er Ewigkeit von Bioplasma begreift. Während des Todes sterben - nach Sedlak - nur biochemische Strukturen und die Energie "lebt" weiter. Dem Menschen, dem Quanten-Prinzipien des Lebens bewußt werden, ist es auch leichter die Einheit aller Lebwesen zu erfassen. Theorien von Prof. Sedlak sind auch ein guter Ausgangspunkt für die Lösung vieler Rätsel der heutigen Wissenschaft. Dank der Entdeckung des Bioplasmakörpers wäre es Erklärung solcher Phänomene wie u.a. Psychokinese, Telepathie, Teleradiästhesie und Geistheilung möglich. Wenn die Bioplasma-Theorie von Prof. Sedlak durch wissenschaftliche Experimente völlig nachgewiesen werden konnte, würde es eine ganz neue Stufe nicht nur für die Wissenschaft, sondern auch für die menschliche Weltanschauung bedeuten.

czajkowski <>
san diego, ca USA - Monday, August 09, 2004 at 22:57:45 (CEST)

[Webmaster comment: Ja co prawda prac Sedlaka nie kontynuuje, jednak Go cytuje i Go gleboko powazam. Nie uwazam, by ksiazka Sedlaka ZYCIE JEST SWIATLEM miala "wysokie walory dydaktyczne". Uwazam natomiast ze jest to ksiazka odwazna, kontrowersyjna i pobudzajaca do myslenia. Powinna sie w istocie znalezc w bibliotekach szkolnych, choc dobrze by bylo by byla zaopatrzona w wywazona przedmowe.]

Dear Laura and Ark,
After discovering your site last summer, I find that, among the many sites I frequent,this is the one I keep coming back to for inspiration and learning. There is much to learn and experience, and all seems to be in many of your sites. If you would comment on Dr. Wilhelm Reichs discoveries (ORGONE ENERGY) in particular. Dr. Reichs books were burned here in the United States!! Quantum Physics not my better subjects but I am learning. Thank you both for being!!

Robert Gonzalez <>
los angeles, ca USA - Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 22:12:02 (CEST)

interesting things, i hope there'll be more translated into other languages,
including my own.

slog <>
Gliwice, Polska - Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 11:27:49 (CEST)