X-th Max Born Symposium


Wroclaw - September 24/25/26/27, 1997

Starting in 1991 the Max Born Symposia have been organized by the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, to commemorate one of the great men of Quantum Theory, Max Born, born 1883 in Wroclaw, at that time Breslau, where he also started his studies.

The X-th Max Born Symposium entitled Quantum Future has been focused on future applications and possible extensions of Quantum Theory inside and beyond Physics. Today it is without doubt that Quantum Theory occupies a particular place among all scientific theories with its tremendous predictive power on the one side and its puzzles and mysteries on the other side.

The conference has taken place 70 years after the Volta meeting in Como and the V-th Solvay Conference in Brussels - where the dialogue between Bohr and Einstein started. One of the main objectives of this Symposium was to, in this spirit, discuss the alternative approaches to quantum physics in view of applications to the main experimental fields from the quarks to the Cosmos as well as beyond Physics.

List of speakers: J. Audretsch (Konstanz), I. Bialynicki-Birula (Warsaw), H.Carmichael (Oregon), D. Dürr (München), B. d'Espagnat (Paris XI, Orsay), F. H. M. Faisal (Bielefeld), R. Haag (Schliersee-Neuhaus), S. Haroche (ENS Paris), K. Hepp (ETH Zurich), C. Kiefer (Freiburg), J. Klauder (Gainesville, Florida), B. Mielnik (Warsaw), G. Nimtz (Cologne), R. Omnes (Paris XI, Orsay), C. Piron (Geneve), H. Stapp (Berkeley), A. Tonomura (ARL Hitachi, Hatoyama), W.G. Unruh (Vancouver), G. Vitiello (Salerno), H. Walther (Munich), H. Weifurter.

Max Born Symposia History

X-th Max Born Symposium - List of Invited Lectures

X-th Max Born Symposium - Time Schedule of Lectures

A selection of lectures and invited papers will be published by Springer Verlag in the series

Lecture Notes in Physics.

Conference Proceedings - Quantum Future: From Volta and Como to the Present and Beyond : Proceedings of the Xth Max Born Symposium Held in Przesieka, Poland, 24-27 September 1997 (Lecture Notes in Physics, 517)


Arkadiusz Jadczyk
University of Wroclaw

Philippe Blanchard
University of Bielefeld

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