Visit to France 2 TV - Paris

June 20, the day before the comet was supposed to hit the earth we went to Paris, invited by the "equippe de France 2 TV", to participate in shooting of a 1.5 hour program on cosmology.

And so here we are, in Paris, with Laura studying the map as we decided to find the house of Nicolas Flamel.

We found the street, but we could not find the house.

But wandering around we found several interesting books on French megalythic structures. So I (Ark) am carrying these megaliths in my backpack

And in the evening five hours in the TV studio. We can see the back of Robert Coquereaux, then the two women - in charge of the program, then Igor and Grichka Bogdanovs, back of another physicist, and a part of the head of an "exobiologist".


Robert Coquereaux getting ready to speak about the most difficult subject - non-commuttative geometry. The two brothers - I and G - preparing to ask him the question: "So what IS noncommutative geometry?"

As this photo, taken June 21, 2004, is evidencing, the comet did not hit the Earth. It's time to return home ....